SPURS & TRANSFERS – Aug 22nd 2012


Ok we all have opinions on it & so we should, but I’m a bit confused TBH?
Firstly in this #inlevywetrust stuff ? Without a doubt he’s done a fantastic job in bringing this club back to being 1 of the biggest in the land, and certainly when you take into account our lack of league tittles, Trophies and then the maximum gate we get into White Hart Lane, so yes he’s doing brilliant job, “but” when it comes to his transfer activity this it where he’s lost me? Recent transfer history suggest he will “not” pay over £10 million for a player, recent history also suggest he screws clubs up so tight when he’s selling a player that they’ll pay almost any amount he ask for, so hence my confusion. If he expects clubs to pay absolute Top price for our squad players then surely he must understand the same works when we’re “buying” players, but not just any players, Top top players. Look at the last 3 summer windows and some of the names we’ve been linked with, strikers like Rossi, Forlan, Remy, Oscar, Llorente and Daimaio, their all £15 mill plus strikers but we’ve “not” got any of them, not 1, yet we’ve brought in the likes of Frazier Campbell and Saha and as good as Adey was he was on loan (ok we’ve signed him now for a very low price as he a £15 million man all day long) and that’s my point, when we sell we sell “high” but when we buy we seemingly try to on the cheap? Since July last year we’ve got rid of a lot of squad players and for a lot of cash, the Likes of O’Hara £5m Crouch £10m Palacios £6m Hutton £4.5m Keane £4m Pav £8m Nico £6m Corluka £5m Peinner £4.5m Now Bassong £6m and what appears to be Dawson £9m and soon to be Ratboy from any where between £23 to £33m and also it seems Tom Hudd will go out on loan but that’s best part of £80MILLION at least, as well as god knows how many millions saved in wages. Yet we’ve scratched around last knockings on transfer deadline days just for the likes of Frazier Campbell Saha and Neilsen, and Contrary to belief VDV was “OFFERED” to us, we didn’t go find him, he was offered and that’s why we got him cheap at £8m, and even then he was our ONLY real deal that window, then as already mentioned we was linked with many top strikers and “SELL” Pav and then get in Saha, for FREE. Now it also appears other squad men like Jenas Bentley and Rose could also be shipped out yet to be honest along with some others like Gomez maybe they should be, But I’m concerned Levy will not bring in enough QUALITY replacements in time for the MASS EXODUS that In my opinion AVB is accepting far too quickly, the squad is becoming far too small far to quick and good players like Huddlestone be staying, DAWSON shouldn’t be allowed to go to QPR, and if anyone should be let go it should be old man Gallas. We all want AVB to succeed but I’m worried he’s ringing the changes too quickly, just as he did at CFC.

I really hope I’m wrong about all what I’ve said However it seems to me we have 2 men with different styles, Levy loves selling high but buying little and low and AVB thinks by getting rid of all the dross Levy will bring in mass’s of top replacements and fast, Well I just can’t see it happening like that. Levy does what Levy does, and there’s know-one better at brining this this Club back again, in size and finance, we’ve a great new training complex and hopefully the new stadium to come, then of course there’s his sales but on the buying side the businessman in him is losing out on those transfer targets that would help get us to 3rd and above, the “very same 3rd and above” that HR sacked for not reaching?

YES we want AVB to succeed
YES the Club must stay financially stable
YES income from sales helps to achieve that
BUT finishing high and winning trophies “also” generates massive income

Can AVB get us higher than 4th, with what is now a smaller and weaker squad?
It’s asking a hell of a lot in my opinion.



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