DEEP BREATH – COUNT TO 10 Aug 25th 2012

imageOk people deep breath

Now let’s not start a witch hunt, let’s not get the ropes out just yet and let’s see where this takes us….

Firstly am I right to say last week at Newcastle for long periods we dominated?

Do we all agree that for 70 minutes we actually had them chasing shadows, and do we all agree we looked pretty decent and created chances…

Do we also all agree we had the same old issues that have dogged us for years.. that was we had plenty of the ball, created lots, looked good BUT wasn’t clinical in front of goal and god forbid guilty switching off at the back yet again ?

But we saw some positives, and saw things for AVB to work on and overall we was pretty unlucky???

NOW then, today, I rekon we’d all agree we battered West Brom from the 1st minute till the 45th, chance after chance after chance, but the type of fella I am i was already thinking Oppppsss I can see exactly what’s gonna happen here, we’ve smashed them, not scored so their gonna nik this”

Well it didn’t actually happen like that, we came out 2nd half and battered them some more, but as we’ve seen many times before and know only too well we slowed up and started to let them think they might be in with a shout, but then all of a sudden BANG – GOAL – 1 up at last here we go flood gates now open!!!
NOPE don’t be silly we do our usual and panic, 1 up with 15 to go, you’d think they was winning the way we held back, and then it happens the 90th minute leveller… FOR GOD SAKE!!

NOW, let’s not all go crackers just yet, let’s not run to Homebase for the ropes, let’s just take a few DEEP BREATHS – COUNT TO 10 and think about things…

1- last week at Newcastle – we played well – created chances – should of and could of won BUT didn’t…

2- this week West Brom – played well – created chances – should of and could of won BUT didn’t…

So though it may appear bad there are plenty of positives for us and AVB to look on, negatives ? Yeah same old negatives NOT taking our chances, wasting far too many when dominating BUT still not concentrating at the back for the WHOLE 94 minutes but again hopefully AVB sees that too and can work on it..

Some people are saying this time last year we had NO points and now have 1 ? But with respect we’d just played both Manc clubs.. Hardly like for like..

But yet again I can’t help but think we bring this on ourselves..

NO witch hunt BUT Mr Levy & his board must take some of the blame, it’s easy to blame the players or the manager but YET AGAIN here we are another season 2 games in and we are NOT READY.. It’s ground hog day,

1- Ratboy Modric is still causing problems

2- we still don’t have a complete and known squad

3- we are yet again being linked with the best but yet to get any of them

4- and of course our own board believe the season starts 1st September as opposed to mid August..

The facts are yet again we are chasing the leaders after only 2 games in, we are currently 8 points behind Chelsea ALREADY and The season IS 38 games not 35 / 36

So although I’m trying to stay calm (DEEP BREATH – COUNT TO 10) the fact remains i like you are very very frustrated, the club talk about progress, ambition, 70,000 on a waiting list, state of the art new training ground, a new kit supplier, great sponsorship deals worth fortunes, and of course this new stadium BUT c’mon it all counts for very little if we don’t compete on the pitch from DAY 1… If we are sacking managers and bringing in new ones and talking everything up to the highest heights then SURELY they have to give the manager the greatest opportunity to fight the very top sides.. And for me the only way we can do that is at the very least be READY at kick off time on the first day of the new season!!

So once again il say let’s back AVB coz we’ve already seen some good signs, despite him happy to ship loads out and weaken the squad numbers he must have a plan…

BUT most importantly MR Levy you and Your board you have 7 days to show us your money.. Show us you mean business and put your words into actions, stop talking a good game and give us a good game…

Other wise this could very easily be another damp season with another sacking at the end of it…


7 days left… New beginning or ????


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