Anyone that either knows me in person or even follows me on Twitter will know that I don’t sit on the fence, They will also know that I’ve an opinion on everything, from minor stuff like how the country is being run, what’s on TV, Work, right up to BIGGER more important stuff like TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR!!

Just because I’ve been addicted to the Mighty Spurs since I was taken to my first ever game by my dad in 1981 when I was 8 (Spurs v Wolves FA Cup Semi – that I can’t still see in my mind now) doesn’t mean I’ve more or less right to an opinion than anyone else on our great club, BUT I would hope and would like to think I’ve well and truly done my apprenticeship so do then in fact have some experience and so can have a say ?

when Harry was sacked of course I had a lot to say, yes HR had faults, a big mouth, made some awful decision (Bale on the right Lennon on the left) strange old men signings, not distancing him self from England and seemingly not being able to gee the boys up with 10 games to go, Ect Ect but what I think pissed me off the most was that lack of explanation from within the club with a genuine reason as to why ? so we was all left talking between our selves and coming up with our own reasons for it.

Looking back, the sacking of HR good or bad will always be open to debate and of course we will always wonder but what it did do was take us to where we are today, and that’s AVB…

i’ve already said I’m not the type to just say “oh we’ll lets give him a chance” or a doo gooder type that wants to see the best in everyone either, so when AVB was announced il be honest and say it wasn’t for me, I just couldn’t see past the Chelsea fiasco his fault or not and i thought that 1 day I’d be saying “I told you so” HOWEVER a few days after it happened I suppose the more mature part of my brain decided that now its been done like it or not we’ve just gotta get behind the bloke hope and pray and with fingers crossed he gets stuck in and some how gets us going again.. He’s here now so back the man.. And like endless twitter accounts, Facebook comments and Talksport phone ins it would appear most fans have the same mind set too.

Now consider this, in his very short time he’s already lost the awesome Sir Ledley King, Lost 2 top top players in Rat boy (Modric) and VDV, he’s also having to contend with Harry’s sugar daddy (the media) whispering in the shadows and hanging on his EVERY word and move ready to pounce when he screws up, and not to mention he Doesn’t even know any of the squad or staff yet, All stuff that can’t really be helpful, but of course It should become easier and change over time. we have already seen some positives too, I’ve started seeing articles from players saying their loving his training ground style, he has been good with the press although his Cantona seagulls type stuff some times loses me, he’s smiled a lot and he seems to be getting on with the players..
Ok it’s not all been plain sailing as he’s been very quick to reduce the squad but let’s be honest a lot of dead wood did need to go but maybe not so quickly after all we do need a squad, I wasn’t keen to see him make Micky D captain 1 week then try to sell him to QPR the next ? Let VDV go as he’s good for 15 – 17 Goals a year but we don’t know how much he had to do with that ? and equally although we didn’t get the one we all wanted in Moutinho Im led to believe through what i read that to my utter surprise we gave it a fucking good go, bidding some thing like £24million and it was just down mistakes on the final paperwork that cocked it up ? having said that he wouldn’t of been too involved with the paperwork there either.
As for the rest of the deals done Surely we have to be happy ? I am..






And Dempsey

ALL worthy of wearing the virgin pure white of a Spurs shirt.

Now then WHY am I saying all this ? Why am I soaking in the bath writting this on the old I-phone ? Well to be honest and to put it simply I’m SHOCKED!!

Im shocked with the way some fellow Spurs fans have turned on AVB and turned so quickly ? Or is it the team squad or the board they booed ? I’m thing AVB was the target. In a previous piece I was very critical of Levys lack of spending in years gone by yet I didn’t just blow the man out the water, I justified it with reasons and facts, facts that I’d known for 2 or 3 seasons, but the way some Spurs are Booing even before halftime has just left me at a loss ? Agreed the team looked lost at times, agreed Dembele and Adey could have started and agreed the tactics was all over the place BUT how are the lads ment to feel comfortable on the ball, to want the ball, to hold the ball, to take opponents on with the ball when the crowd are waiting on their every move ready to boo if it goes tits up ?

Course I’m disappointed too that were already what 8 9 points behind Chelsea, haven’t won a game yet, and ain’t banging in goals BUT I just can’t see how the booings ment to move us forward ? Iv read endless tweets today saying stop booing and these tweets are being Re tweeted in their 100’s 1000’s so if this is how people feel then WHO are the ones doing the booing ? Coz what I do know to be fact that over the years as a Spurs fan I’ve had to put up with some utter shit sides, in fact most of the 90’s we was pretty crap, but the crowd didn’t boo, yeah we pissed whinged moaned had the odd rumble in the crowd but we NEVER booed as such, So to hear this on Saturday BEFORE half time then again at full time has just got me wondering what the fuck is going on ?? Have Spurs fans suddenly woken up thinking we’ve always played like Barcelona and what  seeing now isn’t us ? Coz il tell you this that last season we did play some great stuff but the last 15 or so games when we threw 3rd away and then lost out on champions league we have admit we couldn’t buy a goal, we didn’t have any plan B, the players didn’t appear to have any idea how to win and the style of football we had seen at that start HAD now disappeared, long before AVB came on board!
So before these fans who YES have a right to an opinion feel the need to Boo think about it, think about we let it slide last year under Harry, AVB has lost 3 MASSIVE players, and AVB is still only a few weeks into the job!

So people STOP with the Booing as we’ve never needed if before, it certainly won’t help improve things, we’ve always prided ourselves on the NOISE and atmosphere WE make at the Lane and the great support we take away from it, so STOP with it as of now, let’s get back to doing what we do best Which is get behind the lads, out singing every away fan that comes to our place and let the lads know that when they got the ball at their feet we WILL want them to play football, great football and start smashing sides again… Coz I tell you this….




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