Mixed Emotions ? Nov 18th 2012

Mixed Emotions?


So Adey stays on and we’ve won the game, well that appears to be the typical feeling coming from most Spurs fans last night, and even some media types too.

NOW then, I’ve waited till this morning to write instead of doing so last night when it’s possible the emotion of the day can either bully me into giving AVB & the boys a mouthful or me just talking crap and making no sense at all.
But I’ll start by mentioning something very important, due to being at work I didn’t even get to see the game so all my thoughts and feelings come from either catching the updates on Sky Sports online during the game or from what I’ve read since on Twitter / Facebook, followed up even more so with what the various news outlets had to say. To be honest the only consistencies I’m seeing is that most people are saying we actually did really well, and by no way was that a 5-2 defeat, in fact had Adey stayed on although it was still early in the game it was more likely we’d have scored the 5, as by all accounts arsenal were awful and we was bossing the early part of the game. Now as I’ve said I didn’t see it and couldn’t even be bothered to watch MOTD last night either so I’m only repeating what I’m seeing coming from most people and the majority are saying we were the better side, and unlucky due to Adey going off, is that fair to say ?

You’ll all have your own opinion if you saw it, and it may just echo what’s being said by many others elsewhere.

Anyway I’ll now tell you what I thought.

During the week I’d decided I’d be happy to take a point, just because what I’d seen lately, we haven’t been that great, there does seem to be a little confusion in team selection and tactics, we’re shipping goals late on after taking the lead, playing only 1 up top, and we’re not actually scoring enough goals to overcome the late ones we’re conceding, so for me 1 point would have been a result.

However the arsenal goons that I’m unfortunate to know had been saying something pretty similar, so it then got me thinking “Na Sod that, just 1 point? Na we can go there a turn these over coz they’ve a right crap defence and if AVB plays 2 up top well do these”
But then the reality kicks back in and I start questioning his tactics again and tell myself ill still settle for that 1 point right now.

Now then Saturday comes and the games kicked off, I’ve checked the line-up and WOW to my surprise he’s stuck 2 up front? I’m then reading positive stuff on Sky Sports online but when I check again we’ve only scored; we’re only 1 up “GREAT” Then What seems only a few seconds later I get a txt saying Adeys OFF ?WTF? Sure enough he’s gone then almost straight away its 1-1 then 2-1 down and I’ve turned back into a typical down beat Spurs fan with all sorts now running round my mind, and nearly all start or end the sentence with TYPICAL SPURS, with a few swear words thrown in somewhere,,, coz being a typical Spurs fan I’m already making my up my own mind as to what’s been going on yet I’m not even watching,  but I know we’re shit, I know AVB got it all wrong, I know Howard Webb’s screwed us over AGAIN, I know we’re gonna get smashed Ect Ect,,,

Let’s fast forward now to say 7pm, I’ve got a stinking cold and am soaking in the bath catching up on everything via the old iPhone, but to my surprise everyone’s saying what appears really positive stuff ? What ? We’ve been tonked 5-2, AGAIN, after leading AGAIN, but hold on a minute I’m expecting to see the AVB out stuff, but I’m not? Nor am I seeing arsenal battered us either, instead I’m seeing words like Solid, worked hard, changed tactics, kept going and more chances on goal, all in favour of Spurs ? I’m also seeing not AVBs fault and AVB made good changes at Half Time and went for it?

I wasn’t expecting anything like this, so to my surprise I’m reading pretty good stuff,

Well never know for sure of course but if Adey had stayed on it looks like WE probably would of won and done so convincingly ? Could this be the turning point then? We’ve so far had a bit of a mixed season albeit it’s still early-ish days? Maybe? Maybe not? but as strange as it might sound Adey going off FORCED AVB into making some actual tactical decisions, and big ones at that like making subs at half time, changing the formation and most importantly he must of said something pretty inspiring at half time for the boys to come out and still take the game to them whilst trailing and being a man down.

So again COULD this be the turning point?

Coz as I read it although we lost, had Adey still been on we could easily have won, yet even though going so far behind I’m still reading WE was the better side, tactically, overall and we still created enough to at the very least get level ? Could then this performance be the one that could start to rebuild the team spirit we’ve been missing lately?

I’ll repeat now that I didn’t see the game, yet there are plenty of positive’s I’m reading, along with the fact we’ve still got Kaboul, Disco Benny, Parker and Dembele to come back, as well as January being just a few weeks away (hopefully welcome aboard The master Mouthino), and if we all stay patient a bit longer and let this season run its full course with the same manager in charge 1 or 2 things will happen..

He’ll either be sacked at the end of it
He’s actually started to learn about this league, putting a very decent side together, and we might just start to be contenders.

So with mixed emotions at the moment due to yet another 5-2 defeat at the hands of the scum bags up the road, yet knowing full well we might have won it on another day, and although I’m still getting frustrated with The Riddler AVB due to his recent tactics and changes i.e. goalkeepers ? I’m thinking let’s give it some more time

Because this “MIGHT” just work out after all?…..


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