Peter Herbert – WHEREFORE ART THOU? Nov 26th 2012


Been a strange few weeks to say the least, we seem to be getting battered and beaten from all corners at the moment, Obviously we expect it towards AVB from the press and media types because their darling and love child HR is no longer at the club, dont get me wrong we loved him too but he’s gone now so move on will ya and stop having a pop at the new bloke! We’ve had both Lazio and West Ham on our case too, but get this, we’ve also been getting jip from a bloke no ones ever heard of because of our use of the word Yids, and ill repeat that, “OUR” use of the word Yids.

I mean lets be totally honest here, yeah there will be people in the crowd that sing it, chant it and have no idea what it actually means, but that in it’s self is proof that it’s used in a completely innocent way. We don’t shout it with spit foaming from our mouths whilst burning the flag of Israel, and nor do we use it as a political slogan against the Muslim & Palestinian world (although i do have my own views on that – but obviously will keep to myself – apart from saying I’ve no problem with Israel) We use it because at first it was a piss take, almost a reverse phycology thing, a defence against the idiotic and racist people that THEMSELVES used it “against” us, due to the fact that in our past lots of Jewish businessman would come to our games in order to talk funny enough, about business. So in only the way football fans can “our” fans adopted it as a way of getting in there first and have done so ever since.

So when this fella Peter Herbert pops up and starts talking about our fans being racist for using the word Yid, and that our Club is obviously racist too, and then demands both the Police and football authority do something about it i cant help but wonder if this chap has a hidden agenda? Or he himself may even have lost sight of what racism is? After all Mr Herbert does in fact head an body called the Society of Black Lawyers, not The Society of Lawyers but the Society of Black Lawyers? Now not wanting to get involved with a tit for tat he said she said but some could in fact argue the title of his organization could it’s self be deemed racist.

Now I’m pleased to say the Club showed their balls in this and refused to accept any of what he said, and the Club even went to the papers and firmly shouted this fella down, I’m even more pleased the Police, the football authorities and also the media didn’t stand for it either (i guess even they couldn’t blame AVB for that one) so thankfully it appears sanity prevailed and this should in fact be the end it? Or not ?
Because saying that, this very same chap then tried to get involved in the Mark Clattenburg and Chelsea row saying both the FA and the Refs association are sweeping another “race” issue under the carpet? “NO” Mr Herbert (and I’m starting to think there’s a big clue in this chaps surname) it didn’t get swept away, or go any further because after investigation there was NO PROOF Clattenburg actually said anything out of turn, now don’t get me wrong i and most Spurs fans have no love for this ref as he’s turned us over plenty of times in the past (I bet Mendez still has nightmares to this day) but when there’s NO proof and even Chelsea players say they didn’t hear anything then there’s no proof and that in turn also probably means no truth either. So Peter, it looks as though your 15 minutes of fame are over!

Now onto something else, Lazio came to town and true to their form over recent years showed their racist colours, making Monkey noise’s and heckling our black players, the Club then got a severe and massive punishment of life changing proportions, a reported fine of £35k? Wow that’s a deterrent and half that, I’m sure that will do the trick this time, “NOT” because last week on the return leg our fans got attacked in Rome’s pubs and bars, hold on, sorry ill rephrase that, not attacked STABBED, both Lazio and Roma fans wearing scooter helmets stormed pubs with baseball bats knives and even metal bars, yet their club chairman tried his very best to pass the buck saying it was nothing to do with them, and he didn’t even mention that MORE Monkey noise’s could be heard coming from the home fans within the stadium, and that they even chanted on mass “JUDEN Tottenham”

Juden being the German word for Jews.
Why would Italian’s chant a German word if nothing to do with Racism or a reference to what happened during the war?

And this brings me nicely on to yesterday’s events.
What can i say about that? WEST HAM UNITED what a classy fan base they have.

During the game they appeared to be very excited at being able to sing songs about our fans being stabbed last week in Rome, chants of “VIVA LAZIO” and “can we stab you every week” could clearly be heard, not to mention the HISSING sounds coming from them during the game, and this for those of you that don’t know is meant to replicate the sound of gas, the sound of gas entering the chambers in the German concentration camps that was full of Jewish people during the war – Killing MILLIONS…
Very nice fans don’t ya think!

Now then, this brings me full circle, because I’ve come back to our old friend, and i have a question


Because unless you have crawled back into the shadows from which you came WHY haven’t I seen you gracing the newspapers? or the TV screens defending our black players over the failings of UEFA for the in adequate way they have dealt with the constant treatment UK based black players face at almost every Italian and Spanish stadium they play at, and not to mention the same treatment getting dished out at endless eastern European grounds too?
Why have you not come out a defended the shocking treatment our fans suffered in Rome? because as has been reported that was down to our association with our Jewish background, and why haven’t you had a go at Lazio for the denial and shocking behaviour and involvement of their fans both in the pubs and in the Olympic stadium? and Why haven’t you found yourself on TV shouting from the roof tops about the disgusting behaviour by the West Ham fans on Sunday?

Hence my hidden agenda comment, is it just Tottenham you have a problem with Peter?

Because after all, as a Lawyer that specialise in racism and human rights I would of thought you’d have been all over this, Just think how many times you’d have been on TV? maybe even extending your 15 minutes of fame to What? Maybe even an hour, however Peter the difference being this time it would have been for all the right reasons, you’d have got backing from various organizations such as the F.A, and maybe even parliament? But unlike your last ridiculous attempt to jump on the football bandwagon you might even have been applauded this time too!

Let’s hope this is the last time we have to face Lazio, their racist fans and owners for a while, and also the last time we have to listen to people like Mr Herbert!


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