arsen wenger – The man’s a “FRAUD” Dec 15th 2012

And Here’s the proof!

Because im sick and tired of listening to arsenal fans banging on about their club never spending any money, and because im also sick and tired of having to hear how fantastic old arsen whinger is ((albeit over the last season or 2 it looks as though some people are starting to wake up to the fact the man isn’t all he’s cracked up to be)) I for 1 am happy to go as far to say the mans a FRAUD!

What people forget, is when took over in 96 and although it hurts me to say arsenal already had a very successful side, George Graham started it in the mid to late 80’s, he’d already won a Littlwoods Cup and a League title and was only sacked for collecting “brown paper bags at service stations” had that not have happened old arshole Opppsss sorry I mean arsen may never have been appointed.

I’m gonna start my explanation a bit later than the mid 80’s at 1990, the “man in the rain coat” was still in charge and continued to win things,

Graham won the league in 1990-91

he also won the F.A Cup in 1991

he then won the league cup in 1993

and he also won the European Cup Winners Cup 1993 – 94

4 trophies in 4 years.

He was then sacked for the Brown bag scandal so they brought in Bruce Rioch, and to be honest to our delight he was garbage, he was their version of say Christian Gross, BUT whilst he was there some thing huge happened? arsenal signed Dennis Bergkamp ???? yeah i know..WHAT?? Don’t ask me how?? a bloke who adored “Hoddel’s the king of White Hart Lane” so much that he even chose to wear the number 10 shirt because of it, signed for arsenal..

Rioch only lasted 5 minutes as he was dog poo, so they got rid and brought in some unknown fella from France, he went there via that WORLD power Grampus 8 of Japan?
Anyway he took over.. but what or WHO he took over was lets not forget a side that had ALREADY been winning cups and titles prior..

He took over in 1996, and then won his first trophy in 1997 – 98 the league, he also won the F.A cup the same year, then he won 2 Charity Shields 1 in 98 and 1 in 99 (but they don’t really count do they coz there just 1 off games)

Now THIS is where you have to look at the facts, when he won those 2 first trophies in 97-98 in the squad was “TEN” players that was at the club “BEFORE” he arrived, 9 of the 10 had already WON medals and the TENTH was that fella Bergkamp, he arrived the season before, also funny enough those 10 players were English.

There was

David spunky Seaman

If Dixon plays for England so do i



Donkey E Ore Adams

Keown’s got a monkey’s head


Parlour Ginger Pele (don’t make me laugh)


So you could argue had those players NOT been in his inherited squad it’s almost certain he would not have won any thing in 97-98 let alone the after that.

arsenal had already won 4 trophies in the 90’s then 4 more after he arrived, BUT you can’t ignore that squad.

Now move to the decade of 2000,

He won 2 more titles, the last being 2003 – 2004 and 3 F.A Cups the last being 04-05.

Although I’ve got to admit I’d love to have won half that, what’s interesting is it all DRIED up in the early part of that decade, and what’s even more interesting is just look at the players he’d moved on during that period. Out of the very same TEN players he inherited only Keown, Parlour and Bergkamp was still there in 04, in fact only Bergkamp was there for the “LAST” trophy he won in 04 -05, Bergkamp went on to leave in 06.
During that time old Whinger did sign the likes of Petit, Anelka and Henry who did go to on be stars, but he also signed shit like Jeffers, Boa Morte, Manniger and a lot of others too.
Again though I’ve got to STRESS you CANT dismiss that squad he had when he took over.


I’m now gonna dispel this so-called myth that he doesn’t spend any money either, i wont go back to 1996 when he took over just because it’s too long-winded so I’m only gonna go back to the season “after” that last trophy because at that point you could also argue this was now HIS squad, and get this…..

Since 2004 – 05 Wenger has SIGNED 48 players, he has spent on those 48 players TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS.. £223,700,000

Ok it might not be as much as what City, The Chelsea pikeys, United or even us may have spent, but we aren’t talking about us, so for that matter I’m sure you will agree it’s still a massive “brown paper bag” of cash…

In the same time he’s Sold or moved on a massive 91 players, bringing in £263,920,000

The obvious thing for people to say now is, wow look Wenger’s made a net profit on his transfer dealing of £40,220,000 BUT hold on a minute, has he? well actually NO course he bloody hasn’t.. he spent £223,700,000 on 48 players and got back £40 odd mill more for 91, so he’s sold 43 MORE players than he’s bought and for a figure of £40 million ???.. what’s important to remember now is ALL of those 43 players expect just the 10 players mentioned above were brought in by HIM, between 1996 and 2006, SO it’s a very easy calculation for all to see, he’s sold 33 Players for just over an average of a million each, and if we did this calculation based on his entire time from 1996 its even easier to see he would NOT have made any profit at all..
Agreed he isn’t there to make profit as that’s what the club should taking care of, but when the media constantly go on about “how little” he spends and “wow” he’s made a profit on his dealings I do get pissed by this GARBAGE that we have to listen too, certainly when we know it isn’t true!

Another interesting fact is out of the 48 he brought in 12 cost £10,000.000 or more, and out of the 91 moved on as few as 9 got sold for £10,000,000 or more, but get this those 9 were sold for a combined figure of £148,500,000 that’s an average of £16,500,000 EACH..( at this point again the media would argue he’s done a fantastic job buying low and selling high ? But yet again that isn’t entirely true) as that is JUST 9 players out of a staggering 91.

That then makes a mockery of that so-called £40 million profit, certainly when Fabregas got sold for £35m, Nasri for £22m, Van Persie £22m and Adey for £25m..

Now look at the last 2 summer transfer windows, this season he spent £44million, on only players




And last season spent a whopping £53,150,000 on 9 players, mostly panic buys after Manu U spanked 8 past them..

These figures are factual, not made up. So when alls said and done don’t ever let a gooner say arsenal “DONT” spend money, “DONT” let them tell you old whingers made a profit, and most certainly “DONT” let them tell you he’s the greatest manager they’ve ever had..

Because as I’ve now proven, it’s “ONLY” on paper, and “ONLY” because of the squad he inherited, as soon as he started to dismantle that same inherited squad and also the likes of Petit, Viera and Henry moved they HAVE NOT won a single trophy, AND he’s wasted an absolute “FORTUNE” since.

So like I’ve said

Arsen Wenger, The mans a fraud…FACT….


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