MIND THE GAP? Dec 3rd 2012


Nah I’m not falling for that one again, “YET”

What a week we’ve just had though, i mean it’s like the Glory Glory nights have returned, well almost – ok nothing like it but a great week never the less.




A VISIT FROM THE SCOUCERS (Mmmm I wonder if they ever did find that dead cat in the bin ?)


And “NO” last minute drama’s.

No shooting our selves in the foot, and get this fans even singing AVB’s Blue and White Army..

SEE..what a week, a great week!

But, and course there’s always a but

“BUT” can we just for once, go about our business of picking up the points quietly.. Please..

I know it’s hard, seeing how bad arsenal are doing, and yep every fiber in my body is trying its hardest to scream out and ridicule them, take the piss, laugh and chant Wenger OUT Wenger OUT, all whilst having a huge smile on my face, BUT surely we all remember what happend last season, 10 points clear every one writing “MIND THE GAP” on their pages, and yes course i did too and more than once i can tell ya, but i clearly remember saying to my mate Monty this has got the chant of “10 points and you f*c*ed it up” written all over it.. and we all know what happened next..

Harry had already bought his flip flops for the England trip, and because of that the players lost their way, but this time can we please at least wait another couple of months and a few more points (say what ? 15?) before we start with the GAP comments..
Just in case like..

Im already seeing it again on facebook and twitter though? and like i said I am dying to get stuck into them from down the road too but it’s far too early!

So come on, think about it, let’s just KEEP CALM and let the lads CARRY ON picking up the points nice and quietly because December could well be a big big month for us, we already have the points from “Only 1 EFING Fulham” then with games against Everton, Swansea, Stoke, Villa and Sundeland there’s a propper chance to pick up around 12 to 14 points ???


Of course we all know it ain’t that simple, but if we can creep along quietly without putting extra pressure on the boys the media might not even notice, and in turn they might even keep off AVB’s back, after all the love child HR is back in town at QP ha ha ha ha haa and with the Roman doing his best to screw The class less Pikey’s up, and of course the “in Wenger we trust” knobs who no longer seem to trust him, there’s a lot of negative attention being directed elsewhere, so if “we” can stay CLAM and KEEP QUIET, go about our business in a good old orderly fashion come the end of the season we might all be able to skip hand in hand around the Emroids wearing the “MIND THE GAP” T-shirts and laughing out loud at “OUR” joy and their demise…

So People, let’s all just



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