Emroids and Wesley Sniedjer – Dec 26th 2012


Just a quick one today as was planning to write after the Sunderland game but thought I’d get some words out whilst soaking in the bath.

So in the words of John Lennon another year over, we’ll almost, 2 more games left before the New year. In typical Tottenham style there seems to be lots going on, and though we’ve committed Hari Kari had a disaster of a month fallen down the table and found ourselves in the relegation zone (or this is how the press would rather it be) it’s nothing near doom and gloom, YEP course we’re disappointed that rather beat Stoke and go third, we draw and now sit 6th, behind both arsenal and the pikeys of chelsea, yet as of this moment only 2 off the pikeys and level with the rest, this is why I’m writing today, a couple of weeks back I said let’s leave arsenal to them selves and although we all agree their shit and that’s not The comment a 10 year old Spurs fan talking in a playground, there IS actually substance to that, this is their worst start for some thing like 50 years or more, their flowing game has long gone and the quality of player is almost non-existent, in fact they’ve only 2 good players, 1 in the angriest boy on the planet Whilshere and the other is Santa Claus, the rest ain’t worth a rub but as bad as they can be they some how still pick up results? so I made a suggestion that rather than shout it from the roof tops we should let them run their own course but more importantly let us go quietly about ours. lets keep calm and throughout December pick up 12 / 14 points and that will do us a treat going into January. We’ve already got 3 points off 1 Effing Fulham and 3 off Swansea, ok we lost out at Everton and Stoke came and nicked a point when we wanted all 3. If we can get 3 later today at Villa then the same again off the Makems that’ll be 13 points and not bad tally at all..

As I previously wrote, staying quiet could be such a benefit for us as it allows us to go about our business without too many taking notice.

However We’re doing it again, in the last transfer window people made up mock pictures of Hulk in Spurs shirts, mouthing off about Moutinho, arsenal an CFC, now History’s repeating it’s self. Fans mouthing off over arsenal again and more mock picks this time of Wesley Sniedjer in Spurs shirts? Ok it’s currently in the media that he’s up for grabs and yeah we’ll talk about it and yep course I have too, but why can’t we wait till it happens before we bang them drums? All we end up doing is setting ourselves up for a fall and being on the end of the obvious crap that’ll come from that mob up the road.

So whilst we all hope we do get 1 off the world greats onto our books let’s all stay calm until it happens. On the other hand though if we do get WS is that the end of Mouthino? because if push came to shove I’m not sure who I’d pick first? both have loads to offer, but does Moutinho make a better pass option than Wes? because if so isn’t it that we need more than anything at the moment? A player that can get it all clicking together and finding those gaps? However Wesley also has a decent pass but can get stuck in too? So I don’t know who I’d prefer or who’d be better for the team? but what I do know is we could really do with 1 of them as I’m sure that’s almost the final piece of the jigsaw!

So I’ll say it again, lets keep quiet whilst the mugs falter, lets keep our fingers crossed that 1 of these super stars turn up at the Lane and lets keep believing we can push on, Scotty P and Micky D are now fit again and BAE will be soon enough, big Younes isn’t too far behind now either.

Things might well be coming together nicely.

Oh yeah i nearly forget

You might be wondering what the Emroids has to do with the heading? We’ll it’s nothing about them shits down the road, it’s that fact that I’m laying in the bath as i write this coz it seems to be helping no end with the huge pain I’m suffering because of these poxy piles I’ve had since yesterday, it really hurts too, far too much spicy food lately I suppose!

Just thought I’d share that.

3 points tonight, then 3 more up at Sunderland and that’ll be lovely jubbly!


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