Football Agents “Terminate em” Dec 21st 2012


I don’t usually get too involved in the other chit-chat that surrounds football but what ive been hearing today has got me boiling..

Most people have their opinions on football agents and I’m no different, for years I’ve wondered why these people even exist in our game, for me they’ve brought nothing but trouble, greed and an amazing lack of loyalty.

Take Raheem Sterling for instance, this is no attack on the lad, I’ve never met him and never will so I can’t comment on him as a person, But what’s come about today involving him is not only a joke but an absolute disgrace and shows exactly what both the football agent and most modern-day players are about.

Now you could say Raheem being still a kid doesn’t know any different, so you would hope he’s being advised by his parents, but we ALL know that some where in his shadow is a football agent chewing on his ear, the ear of his Mum, Dad and anyone who’ll listen, he’ll be shaking with excitement when pushing the kid through the door of the Liverpool board room whilst telling him to “DEMAND” a pay increase or tell them your OFF..


Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t anything new, unfortunately most players in the game over the last 20 or 30 years would have been in a similar position but the fact this kid only turned 18 in December and was already on a reported £2,000 a week BEFORE he’d even played a first team game for the club, only made his debut in March, and just 9 months and only 19 appearances later he’s talking about a possible transfer if he isn’t given a NEW DEAL? I’ve read that Liverpool seriously considered selling him as they refused to be held to ransom? But of course they have to back down as they want the player, and being reported as of this morning Raheem has now found himself with a whopping pay rise of 28 grand a week.

To be honest he may well be worth £30k a week, a minimum £120,000 a month BUT what I’m really pissed of at is this….

He’s reported to have signed a 5 year deal at 30 grand a week, so if he turns into a super star in a season or 2 and playing a big role in the Liverpool side, becomes a regular for England Ect Ect is he still gonna be happy on his 30k a week whilst the rest of the Liverpool squad earn up to what ? say £100,000 a week? or will he and his agent demand ANOTHER pay rise whilst the deal he was happy to sign today still has another 2 or 3 years to go.

Because we’ve seen this a thousand times, Most recently at Spurs we had the same thing with Modric.

They sign these deals when they arrive but coz they then start getting rave reviews they then say “these deals aren’t good enough so cough up or im off”

I can’t help think this is all down to agents, they break clubs apart with their demands, they can ruin a teams progress and future success by making players demand a pay rise and say to the club “give me or else” yet the player might be perfectly happy.

The agent will tell us “he’s looking out for his client” yet we all know that’s crap, it’s only ever been about money, the money that finds it’s way into the agents pocket!

For example

Would Andy Carroll have left his boyhood club to play for a team he cares nothing about if it wasn’t for his agent telling him how much he could earn?

Would Modric have signed a 5 year deal if he didn’t believe he’d stay 5 years, would he have agreed to a salary if he wasn’t happy with it? UNLESS of course his agent had told him to sign “this great 5 year deal, but give a little while and if your playing better we’ll demand a pay rise and say we’ll be off if we don’t get it” Look Luka it’s a win-win situation for us…

And would a 18 year old kid be telling one of the most famous clubs in “World” football he wanted to leave that famous club of “World” football unless he got a pay rise?

Because every single time I’d have to say NO!!!

SURELY the times come for the football clubs to take charge of their OWN players?

How much better would it be for the CLUB to find these kids, sign them up so they can then develop them without any pressure from agents, agree a salary with them and then if they workout great fantastic, and whilst the player is at the club the sporting director deals DIRECT with the player at ALL times regarding contracts that’s suitable for both parties throughout his time there, on the other hand if they don’t workout or a senior player is looking for a transfer then the club would have a duty of care to try their very best to find a replacement club for him, paying him his wages until a new club had been found.

Surely the clubs Sporting director should deal solely with another clubs director regarding all aspects of transfers and negotiations, and the salary NOT agents, and surely if Spurs wanted a Liverpool player our director talks to their director and if their director says no that should be the end of it, but if their director says there’s a possibility of a deal then negotiations can start between the clubs and once the fee is agreed the player is then notified, but only at that point and NOT before, this way there isn’t an agent screwing with the players heads all the time, taping people up and forcing unrealistic wage demands after just 19 games.

I know I’m wasting my breath because this is just too simple to bring in, it’s so easy to implement, can you imagine how much cash clubs would save in fees alone?

This is an example how it could be done

Current players with agents stay with the agent until the contract ends as no doubt it would be illegal to get the player to dump his agent mid-term, once the agent is gone a contract can be negotiated and renewed or a transfer takes place, it’s now the CLUB or the new club that owns the contract and not the agent.

As for the youngsters that’s even easier, when a club finds a new kid NO new find can get an agent or clubs will NOT sign them. The kid is now registered to that club until he either makes it or the club find him a new club.

It’s so simple,
and it’s for the good of the game as it would promote a more realistic understanding of an appropriate salary, it’s good for of the club as it would promote player loyalty, and it’s for the good of the player because he’s guaranteed a better and less pressured apprenticeship while learning his trade, but also better for his long-term career as he feels more settled without having agents trying to turn his head for every extra penny on offer even though it could be to the detriment of the players happiness and career!

So then my question is this


And categorically without hesitation I 100% say….. YES!


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