GOOD? BAD? BUT NEVER UGLY.. Dec 31st 2012


I wrote a few days ago and before i was planing too as I wanted to wait until we’d completed our fixtures for December, but I got dragged in early by the talk about Wesley S.

Yet to date I’m hearing all sorts, he’s staying? hes’s going? he’s coming? he isn’t? so as ever i guess well just wait and see what happens.

Any way it’s New Years Eve and like most fans I’m probably more interested in what the 1st of January could bring in the way of incoming transfers than how much beer I’m gonna be drinking tonight, coz let’s face it January can be a make or break month for how the season could finish up.

I’m gonna rewind a bit, at the start of December I said 13 / 14 points would be a decent points tally for the month, and although we only dropped points away at Everton (unlucky TBH – They always seem to play their best against us?) and then the draw with Stoke the Joke I’ve got to say im pretty happy with how it went, and with Reading at the Lane tomorrow and dare i say it, it should be 3 points in the bag to get 2013 off and running too, and fingers crossed, well just fingers crossed!

Any way as of the 31st Decemeber 2012 we currently sit 4th, is that what we expected? should we be 3rd ? could we even be lower than 4th in say 5th 6th or 7th? because TBH I’m not sure, I’m thinking we’re doing pretty well, we’ve beaten United away, we’ve played some decent stuff, yep we’ve played some not so decent stuff too, but never the less we are 4th, we’re 1 place lower than the same time last season, we’ve 3 points less than last season but played 2 games more, we’ve won 11 Vs 12, Lost 6 Vs 3 and drawn 3 each time, we’ve scored 36 Vs 35 and let in 26 Vs 20 so all in all is it fair to say at this stage it’s pretty even with last season? now a few points need to be made though, last year we had a steady squad, we had a manager in place for a few seasons and we went on a storming run picking up point after point, we had Rat boy (Luka) VDV and The King in the side, all 3 WORLD class players but now we’ve lost them, granted we’ve brought in £57Mills worth of players but we’ve lost £62.8Mills worth “and” the incredible sir Ledley, so taking all the on board are we happy with were we are?

I’m still thinking yes, look at what’s to come, Dembele is showing his class and will only get better, the Beast IS now becoming a cult hero with his no non sense attitude, Vertonghen hasn’t even been playing in his favoured position of centre back yet as he’s been covering for left back, yet we can already see his qualities, we’ve just got Parker back and for me the BIGGEST plus will be when Kaboul comes back, him and Vertonghen together in the defence is gonna be very special, like Miller and Perryman or Gough and Fairclough just beautiful and I can’t wait.

My only real concern at the moment is both the Kyle’s, I’m unsure about Naughton? although it’s his first real season for us he isn’t a kid anymore and shouldn’t be making some of the errors he has (but in fairness that could just be nerves ?) then Walker, last year along with Parker his name was 1st on the team sheet but this time round he’s lost confidence for some reason? he’s fantastic going forward but doesn’t seem like he’s concentrating when defending? i hope he’s just having a blip, but again the old fingers crossed he’ll be ok.
Danny Rose not his biggest fan but sounds like he’s on a stormer up at Sunderland, so that might be an option too if either Kyle don’t improve?

BUT C’mon… what we all wanna know is “are” we gonna bring in another striker to help JD? Adey seems to have done it again, his usual thing of going quiet when he’s got his deal? he was so good for us last term but this time albeit he has been injured, I’m not seeing the same amount of effort from him? surely he can’t be so fickle to perform just to get a deal? Id like to think he really enjoyed last season and will want to repeat that, maybe he’s just not clicking yet? Dempsey finally seems to be coming to terms with being at a huge club he doesn’t look so lost in his last few games so again maybe he’s settling in now.

I reckon we’d all agree we do need to get another top striker in though, I’m hearing on the various sites some Spurs fans saying we need to find some money first though in order to do it, and their concerned Bale will go at some point to help generate that cash, I’m not having that though, what ever happens Bale “must not” be sold, unless he asks to go. If we’re to improve on last years 4th spot and let’s be honest that’s what Levy wants or he wouldn’t have fired HR in the first place then as well as Bale stays improvements must be brought in. What some fans either don’t realise or don’t know is yes we spent £57Million in the summer but as I’ve said we also brought in £62.8million, we’ve actually made a profit this year of £5.8Million, in fact over the last 5 seasons although we’ve spent a whopping £202Million We’ve got back £199Million, we’ve a net spend of only £2.5million! I bet there’s not many top-level clubs can say that!

So the concern over cash isn’t justified, yeah Ok we’ve got the NEW training complex and it cost a few quid but that would had been factored in already, there’s the NEW Stadium to finance but the same thing, the money required to buy up the surrounding land and start all the works that too would have been factored in, also the huge cost of it will be financed through other means such as sponsorships naming rights and some cash from Boris NOT at the expense of the 1st team.

As of tomorrow morning the 1st of Jan 2013 I wanna be hearing we’re looking to improve the squad, to bring in maybe 1 or 2 top players, possibly Wesley S or Moutinho because we do need that creative side back in our game, but a striker “must” also top that list too.


Spend some cash now on creativity and a new striker and with out sounding arrogant, that cash will be taken care of with the money from Champions League qualification, but should we not make it to the Holy grail of the CL and Gareth decides he wants to go in the summer who knows what he’d sell for? 50 60 even 70 million? at least our spending would be covered, and we’d also have a better chance of coping without him as we’d already have a top top side in place.

Either way it’s a WIN WIN…

let’s get stuck into 2013, both on and off the field, get these extra top players in, and 1 final time today ill… “say keep them fingers crossed”


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