“Levy Time???” – Feb 1st 2013


“Levy Time???”  
 It’s the morning after the night before and yet again I’m left questioning what we’ve done? Or is it what we haven’t done? Like most Spurs fans I’m left scratching my head just as I was this same time last year.
I really don’t want to charge into Daniel and the boardroom and have a pop at them because we all know that to be fair they have done a terrific job in keeping this club stable financially, especially when you look at so many other clubs debts and the turmoil they’ve been through. Yet it’s now getting to a point that I’m starting to question them, and more so each window.
Every transfer deadline day a section of Spurs fans AND some media get sucked into this so-called “Levy Time” hype, and to be honest I even posted some joke snaps on my Twitter yesterday but it was just for fun, because to tell the truth for me “Levy time” doesn’t exist, never has.
Every transfer windows the same, there’s always an area that needs improvement but an area that would make the difference of trying to compete for a Champions League spot and getting that Champions League spot. Last January the team had been flying and there was even a small chance we was fighting for the title; however we all knew we needed 1 more top player to go up front and bang in those extra goals, Tevez got a mention and so did the usual suspects, yet we ended up with Louis Saha, not what we had in mind? Now not blaming Saha but we fell away dramatically, arsenal passed us and Chelsea won the Cup, Europa League came calling. In the summer we all knew we needed a midfielder after losing Modric and VDV and although we like Dembele he isn’t that little maestro type that can unlock a defence as he plays a different role to that, we all knew we still needed that striker too.
We did get in Adey and for a minimal sum considering, however we’ve now learnt we can’t rely on him turning up for every game (such a shame as he has what it takes)  we got in Demspey at 10.30pm because Fulham didn’t want to sell to Liverpool and because we’d missed the boat on everyone else, yet Dempsey isn’t an out and out striker either.
I’ve not even spoken about the Moutinho saga at this stage, what’s the point? We all know what happened there, as I’ve said before that was “never” gonna happen, no matter what we read, simply because of this…. If Mr Levy was serious about spending more money than he’s ever spent before there is “no way” he was gonna leave it till the last minute and treat it like a trolley dash round primark! No way!
Now back to yesterday, all the Spurs talk was about moving people on, true dead wood needs to go, but I just can’t understand Mr Levy’s thinking, he would rather pay the likes of Bentley Gomes Etc. their huge salary each week knowing full well they’ll not be played, rather than just except a small fee and move them on? Ok he hates the thought of losing all that money we invested in them but the truth is those boys are NOT going to play, not at all, but are costing us more and more money as the weeks go by, move them on and save on the wages? Yet here I am scratching my head again wondering why he’d still be paying out this wasted money rather than get in a top goal scorer when it’s obvious to everyone in the game that’s what we need, the Damiao saga, is he?  Isn’t he? Went on right up to the wire, of course the club can’t be blamed for what the media may be reporting as there’s a chance it may of course be incorrect, however it doesn’t take away from the fact the again as we sit in 4th spot the goals have dried up Defoe may be carrying in groin injury Adey’s away in Africa and we are still without a top  striker to help with the final push?
If we miss out on Champions League for a 3rd season running after being in a decent place mid-January I for one will be very angry, and will then being asking the question “is this board serious about challenging for the top trophies” because our reluctance in signing the best players tells me possibly not, by getting into the champions league secures a big pay day, but to get there in the first place means strengthening the team “not” just replacing who may of left, we needed to add 3 years ago and we still need to add now.
If come the end of the season we’re going into the Champions League draw then I’ll have to admit I could have been wrong to question, however if we have to sit here today with our fingers crossed that we stay injury free, fatigue free, don’t collapse like last year and arsenal don’t go on a decent run then I’ve got to say I’m not feeling too positive and come that last day of the season I will then be looking in the direction of the boardroom for an explanation!
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