I’m sat up in bed, had a crap nights sleep, I’ve got tissue sticking out from my nose, my eyes are stinging and I feel like death, yet still my thoughts are with My Spurs.
I didn’t see the match against Everton yesterday as I had to work, but from what I’ve read and stats I’ve seen it appears we played alright? I’ve seen positive comments about Adeybayor, in fact Graham Roberts even went as far to say that Adey was “Class” ?? Is that right ? Can that be true?
If so, and though it’s only been 1 game it leads me back to something I noticed when we won away at West Ham.

When a goal goes in at the death you celebrate like you’ve just scored the goal that wins the Cup, yet when you score a screamer from 25 30 yards out at the death you celebrate like you’ve just scored the goal that wins 2 Cups, yet when Bales strike sailed through the night sky and only stopped travelling when it hit the net everyone, and I do mean everyone went crackers, Me You T.V and Radio Commentators Spurs fans watching all over the world and even lads watching in Afghanistan, Everyone, everyone that is except 1 person, Mr Adeybayor. I’ve watched that goal a few times since and can’t help but to watch his reaction, or more to the point his “no” reaction, as Bale shoots you see Adey’s body turn away, and when the ball it hits the net he does nothing? I’ve seen it from various angles now and most telling is that Bale runs to AVB and the team also run to Bale, except Adey? 1 angle that Adey isn’t in, the 1 from behind the goal you even see Lennon run across from left to right to join in, he was even further away than Adey was yet he still goes across, eventually after what seems an age Adey finally comes strolling past, almost like a token gesture, like he’s thought “oh suppose I better go over”
Now this is “not” a dig at him, I’m not slagging him off, it’s just something I noticed at the time and it’s now come back to me. So why am I bringing it back up now?

I have a bit of a theory, there maybe something in it? Or it maybe just complete garbage? But what do we all know to be true? we know that this season “all” our strikers have had a disaster, JD started well but has faded miserably, Adey “can” score goals, make a nuisance of himself yet has done neither? Dempsey though not an out and out striker isn’t really getting a look in, yet he’s proved a very good player in the past, in other words “all” decent players that score goals yet “aren’t” so why? Is this just pure coincidence, or could there actually be a reason, as much as we “Love” Bale-Diniho and yes we do, since he’s come inside and no longer bombing down the left wing firing in cross’s to our strikers at will, the goals have dried up, and since he’s come inside although he’s been smashing in goals from everywhere himself the fact remains when he’s going on his solo runs he’s nearly “always” looking for a shot at the end of it, Could this be the reason Adey and JD aren’t scoring? Bales service to them has been replaced with Bale shooting, they do still get chances but the kind of clear cut ones we’re used to seeing them get are now few and far between. Now I’m not saying Adey’s sulking but his body language when that screamer flew in meant something? And I’m now starting to think its almost like him saying “what’s the point me being here if he’s gonna shoot all the time”, as I said before we “LOVE” what Bales doing, but maybe his now lack of service to the forwards and as daft as it may sound “could” in fact be their problem? I’m not suggesting they no longer like him but truth is a striker’s job is to score goals, and our have stopped scoring since Bale-Diniho’s been banging them in from the edge of the box.

If Graham Roberts is right, saying Adeybayor played his best game in weeks yesterday and you look at his goal, or more to the point where the service came from, a cross into the box from the left, the very same left Gareth used to occupy then that could be the cause of our striking problems right there?

The truth is, this is a dilemma that we could well do without.
Leave Bale in the middle scoring his goals whilst the others don’t?
Push him back outside to create the chances and possibly goals for 2 or 3 of the others?

Ohh for gods sake Spurs, we “never” make things easy!


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