Q & A with Ex-Spurs Players & Celebrity fans – MICKY HAZARD


They walked out to the tune of “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” they heard the roar of the faithful, they graced the White Hart Lane turf, their team mates were our heroes, and every single one of them pulled on that famous white shirt. They will “always” be part of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, so they will always be part of us. Me, you, friends, family, the rich and the famous, all of us, The Fans.

We’d love to know more about our Players, to know more about their time at our club, we’d even love to know their thoughts on the current Tottenham too.
We also love a Celebrity, but a Celebrity Spurs fan “wow”
the thought of them cheering on our team, singing our songs, and when it comes to Spurs their just like us, only famous. They have the same dreams, and fears, they’ve bought the shirts, sat in the cold, the rain, they’ve moaned and groaned, but they’ve also jumped up and down when we’ve won.

This Q&A page is dedicated to everyone that has either played for or supported Tottenham Hotspur

A Q&A With
Micky first came to the Club in 1976 as a 14 year old, travelling down from his home town of Sunderland. He had 2 spells with us, the first from 1976 to 1985 the second in 1993 to 1995. He made a total 102 appearances in our midfield scoring 15 times. Micky’s the proud owner of both a F.A Cup (1982) and a U.E.F.A Cup (1984) winners medal. Not only did Micky get to play for Spurs he’s now one of our biggest supporters to, he loves talking about the Club and can be found cheering on the lads on Twitter
Micky you were born and raised in Sunderland, did you go to watch them play and if so do you remember your first game? Who was it against? and did they win?
I used to sneak in to watch Sunderland play, my first proper game was against Manchester City in the F.A Cup quarter final in 1972, and yes Sunderland won 3-1.

When did you sign for Spurs and at what age?
I signed for Spurs as a schoolboy at the age of 14 and then YTS at 16, I then signed as a Professional at 18.

Today’s players often get wonderful perks and gifts when signing, did you get anything special when you signed?
Yes I did, I got to play for a club that my style fitted with like a glove, Spurs and I stand for the same things TO DARE IS TO DO.

Who did you make your Spurs debut against and did we win?
I made my debut against Everton and we won 3-0, I was also voted Man of the match, although in my opinion I wasn’t.

Micky your first goal for Spurs, who did you score it against? and again did we win?
My first goal was against Nottingham Forest and we won 3-0, it also won the goal of the month award too.

Which Spurs players did you enjoy playing along side most? and who did you consider to be the most influential in the squad?
Ossie Ardiles had a fantastic football brain, and along with Steve Perryman they were the two most influential players at the club.

Micky when you were playing could you hear the fans singing? And was there a particular song or chant you liked?
Yes I could hear the fans singing, and I loved hearing “One Micky Hazard” but “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” was just Magic.
You played in some big big games but what’s the most memorable game you played in?
On a Club perspective it would have to be the U.E.F.A Cup Final, but from a personal perspective it would be the U.E.F.A Cup Semi Final.

Micky do you still have your Winners medals? And if so are they sitting pride of place or are they wrapped up and tucked away only coming out on special occasions?
I do still have my Winners medals, although they’re on loan to the Club dentist. He has them on display in his dentistry.

Since you retired, who out of all the Spurs players over the years have excited you the most?
I loved Berbatov and was gutted when he left, Bale looks a great Spurs player too, and it goes without saying Ledley is SPURS through and through.

Who in the current squad is your favourite player? And is there a young Spur you keep your eye on?
Gareth Bale is my favourite, and I do keep an eye out for RYAN MASON, I took him to the Club when he was 8, a Super player.

Micky he’s still new to the job but how’s AVB doing in his first season? And is there anything you’ve noticed that you’d offer your advice on if you could?
He’s done we’ll so far, but he needs to make one change, when he makes a sub don’t then move players around as this weakens the team more.

And finally Micky we come to our last question, Q13

Do you think we need to strengthen in the summer? if so in what areas? And who would you like to see us go for?
Yes we do need to strengthen, 2 STRIKERS and a CREATIVE midfielder. Berbatov Moutinho and a striker with PACE AND SKILL, SUAREZ maybe.

Micky I’d like to say a huge thank you for taking part in my Q&A, I’m sure Spurs fans will enjoy hearing all the replies as much as I did, I particularly like the answers to Q3 Q7 and Q9.
I’d also like to say I enjoyed watching you play and am pleased you played for Spurs, and finally Micky just as you always say





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