Q&A with Ex-Spurs Players and Celebrity fans – ANTONY COSTA


They walked out to the tune of “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” they heard the roar of the faithful, they graced the White Hart Lane turf, their team mates were our heroes, and every single one of them pulled on that famous white shirt. They will “always” be part of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, so they will always be part of us. Me, you, friends, family, the rich and the famous, all of us, The Fans.

We’d love to know more about our Players, to know more about their time at our club, we’d even love to know their thoughts on the current Tottenham too.
We also love a Celebrity, but a Celebrity Spurs fan “wow”
the thought of them cheering on our team, singing our songs, and when it comes Spurs their just like us, only famous. They have the same dreams, and fears, they’ve bought the shirts, sat in the cold, the rain, they’ve moaned and groaned, but they’ve also jumped up and down when we’ve won.

This Q & A page is dedicated to everyone that has either played for or supported Tottenham Hotspur

I hope that this will be one of many CELEBRITY SPURS fan Q&A sessions for my blog.

A Q&A With
Antony is the all round entertainer, appearing on our TV screens in programmes such as Grange Hill and Casualty, amongst others. He also did a stint in the Jungle on “I’m a celebrity….Get me out of here” and has also performed on stage in the West End Musical “Blood Brothers” but of course Antony is best known for his time in one of our most the popular bands BLUE.

Here’s Antony’s Q&A

Antony with one of his idols David Ginola

Antony with one of his idols David Ginola

Antony, do you remember going to your first ever Spurs game? and if so who did we play?

The first game I properly remember was against Watford at White Hart Lane, in the F.A Cup, it was in 1993 (I think?)

What was you first ever Spurs kit?

My first kit was the one from the 1981 season. It was to big for me, as my Dad bought it the minute I was born.

Ant, what is your favourite Spurs kit of all time?

I have a soft spot for the Holsten White kit, the year Klinsmann was there. I loved that kit.

What’s your most memorable Spurs game?

There’s been a few but it’s probably the Reading game when we beat them 6-4, but to be honest there’s been loads.

Who would be your top 5 Spurs players ever? and use 1 word to describe each of them.

5 Teddy Sheringham, 4 Glenn Hoddle, 3 Jurgen Klinsmann, 2 David Ginola, 1 Gazza.
All of them Absolute “Class”

Antony's Top 5 Spurs players of all time "CLASS"

Antony’s Top 5 Spurs players of all time “CLASS” – Imagine them together “WOW”

Antony have you been to any away games? and if so what one was the best one and why?

The best away game for me was Birhmingham in the 02-03 season, I got picture of me with all the Spurs fans behind me.. Great buzz

How do you travel to games at White Hart Lane? bus, train, drive or do you get a lift?

Most of the time I’ll travel to WHL on the train.

Do you have any Pre match rituals, such as wearing lucky underpants or items of clothing? Or do you have to go to a particular pub or food outlet before the game?

I always go to the Bill Nic pub, great banter and the owner is also a pal of mine.

Antony what’s your favourite Spurs song or chant?

That has to be “Ohh When The Spurs Go Marching in”

Who’s your favourite current Spurs player?

There’s two, it has to be Bale and Vertonghen.

Is there a young Spur you’re keeping an eye on?

I do like the look of Tom Carroll, he can pass the ball and seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Ant how’s AVB done in his first season?

I think he’s done well with the squad we have, injuries Etc, We’re crying out for a striker for next season but that all depends on where we end up on the last day of the season, Please god we finish in the top 4!!! We can judge properly then I think.

Antony, we’ve come to our final question Q13.

In part You’ve already covered this one, but again in what position should we strengthen in the summer? and who would you like to see us go for?

As I said we need a striker and I like the look of Lewandowski of Dortmund, he knows where the goal is, and a creative midfielder too, maybe Mouthino.


I’d like to say a massive thank you to Antony for taking part in this Q&A session, and I hope everybody enjoys his answers as much I have.
I particularly like his answers to Q2 Q5 and Q6. Also if you haven’t already done so make sure you check out Antony on his Podcast “Ohh when the Spurs”
It’s a great show with some great guests http://ohhwhenthespurs.podbean.com/

And finally, I’d like to wish Ant and the rest of the Blue boys all the best with their new single “Hurt Lovers” and the new album “Roulette”

To follow Antony & Blue Here's their OFFICIAL SITE http://www.officialblue.com/

To follow Antony & Blue Here’s their OFFICIAL SITE



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