Who’d be a Spurs fan? “ME”

Seriously though who’d be a Spurs fan?
Sometimes I almost feel like I’ve been conned, yeah conned into the belief that Spurs are a bigger and better Club than we actually are?
I hear fans from other Clubs and even people like that Big mouth Adrian Durham on TalkSport calling us deluded? Saying things like “Who do these Spurs fans think they are?” “Where do they get this idea from that they should be challenging for trophy’s and Champions League places?”

Well, I tell ya where.
When I was growing up and watching my first Spurs games in the early 80’s I was watching a club that seemed to have the lot, a nice stadium that could hold 47,000 people, big crowds, stunning silky kits and some fantastic players. I saw us win many more games than we’d lose. We would play Wednesdays and Win, then play Saturdays and Win again. We had the likes of Clemence Miller Roberts, there was Perryman Houghton and Thomas, Hoddle Hazard Galvin and Falco, even Steve Archibald and Garth Crooks. These players could have played in “any” team we see in the Premier league today and you know what else? I’ve not even mentioned Ricky Villa or Osvaldo Ardiles yet, and what about Tony Parks Ali Dick John Lacy Gary Stevens and Gary Mabbutt, every single one of them for me did a job and did it fantastically well. They all knew the role they’d been given, they all played their part in helping us win 2 F.A Cups a U.E.F.A Cup, go to league cup finals and regularly finished in the Top 3 4 or 5, we were a true glamour Club with a glamorous past and glamorous fans, everybody loved Tottenham Hotspur, our history, our great players from the 60’s, Jimmy Greaves Danny Blanchfower Dave Mackay and John White, these were real Super star Footballers. Then in recent times we had the likes of Waddle, Linker and Gazza, Sherringham Klinsmann and Ginola true world-class players, we’ve also had the “King” and now have a prince trying to become the next King, Bale. So when the likes of Adrian Big Mouth Durham and these fans from other clubs call us deluded and then question “what right” do Spurs fans have to think they should be challenging for these honours, I’ll simply say “Just take a bloody look”
We’re a Huge Club with a Huge past, we’ve had Star after Star after Star wear our famous Shirt, we’ve a fan base that “never fades” and we have a team that is always right on the edge of being very good!
The question these people ask shouldn’t be “Why” do Spurs fans think they should be challenging, the question they should be asking is “When” will Spurs be challenging again?

Take today for instance, Wigan away, no disrespect to them as their hardly a big draw, yet 5,000 Spurs fans made their way up north to support our boys.

Great support - 4800 fans travelled to Wigan

Great support – 4800 fans travelled to Wigan

Why? Because we’re a big club with a big support, and we’re desperately trying to finish in the Champions League places so we can mix it up with Europe’s big boys. This year just like the last is proving to be a tough run in after again being in a commanding position. Again it’s gonna go right to the wire. Yes if we don’t make it we could say we blew it, again, and yes people will say we bottled it or choked, again, but the truth is as I’ve already said we “are” right of the edge of being very good. As frustrated as we feel and as disappointed as we are we’ve still only lost 2 League games since Mid December, that’s right 2 League games since December, Liverpool away and Fulham at home, and any team in the division would be pleased with that, yet where we’ve let ourselves down is the amount of games we’ve drawn. We’ve struggled to pick up the wins against the teams we should be beating. That’s not down to bottle or choking, it’s down to one very simple little fact “the lack of Strength in our squad”

I’ve been saying for a few seasons now that the board are brining in players as “replacements” for those that leave, NOT adding to what we already have.
Take last summer, we bring in Midfielders Gylfi and Dembele but all they have done is replace Modric and VDV, surely we should have replaced them with players of equal ability then added another as an addition to help improve the overall squad strength and depth? take our full backs, BAE on left but who’s his replacement or addition? And Walker on the right again who’s his replacement or addition? Then finally with have the same old up front problems, Adey had a great season last but was always gonna be a gamble? Defoe is famous for fading towards the middle to end of the season and we already knew we’d lost VDV’s goals as well as his midfield skill, so who did we bring in? Know one?
The Boards reluctance to add and improve the squad is the soul reason we’re missing out on Champions League football regularly, remember when we did qualify we had a strong bench, Huddlestone Dawson Bentley Pav Palcios all players that “Could” come on and do a job, all decent bench players complimenting the starting 11. No disrespect to young Tom Carroll as we all know he’s gonna be a star but surely it’s wrong for us to look at him on our bench and ask for him to be the one that comes on to save the day? Give the boy a chance for gods sake!

Whether we qualify for the Champions League or not the lack of squad depth has been the down fall of Martin Jol Harry and has not helped AVB either. I don’t expect us to go out and spend £150,000,000 on 5 players but I do expect us to bring in “some” quality to improve our starting 11 as well as our scouting resource’s going abroad to find that unknown gem like a Michu. Talking of which, I don’t know how true but I heard that our very own Steve Archibald did in fact recommend Michu to Spurs but we turned him down? And after his 4 goal demolition of Real Madrid Steve then tweeted he also offered Lewandowski to us for “under” 5 million before he went to Dortmund??
My question then is this
If we can’t afford to buy these £20mill strikers, and don’t want to try these unknown strikers, then “WHO” the hell are we actually looking for??
Frazier Campbell? Louis Saha? Adebayor?

As upset and frustrated as we’re all probably feeling, if and it is an if” but if the board and Mr Levy can see what the rest of us can see then open up that cheque book in the summer to improve our team “and” our squad then I really believe we “can” be that very good team who can challenge for trophy’s and also become my team of the 80’s again.


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