Q&A with Ex-Spurs Players and Celebrity fans – PAUL COYTE


They walked out to the tune of “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” they heard the roar of the faithful, they graced the White Hart Lane turf, their team mates were our heroes, and every single one of them pulled on that famous white shirt. They will “always” be part of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, so they will always be part of us. Me, you, friends, family, the rich and the famous, all of us, The Fans.

We’d love to know more about our Players, to know more about their time at our club, we’d even love to know their thoughts on the current Tottenham too.
We also love a Celebrity, but a Celebrity Spurs fan “wow”
the thought of them cheering on our team, singing our songs, and when it comes Spurs their just like us, only famous. They have the same dreams, and fears, they’ve bought the shirts, sat in the cold, the rain, they’ve moaned and groaned, but they’ve also jumped up and down when we’ve won.

This Q & A page is dedicated to everyone that has either played for or supported Tottenham Hotspur

A Q&A With

Paul has been a voice on our radio’s for many years now and is currently the Drivetime host on Gold, if you love the Oldies, Classic hits from bands such as The Beatles The Rolling Stones and any “Real” music, then you really should be listening in between 4-8pm on weekdays. Paul’s also the man with the Mic down at White Hart Lane and has been so for a about 9 years now, we see him on the pitch introducing and interviewing all things Spurs at half time. If your lucky enough to go behind the scenes on match days for some hospitality you’ll also find Paul there entertaining.

Here’s Paul’s Questions & Answers

Paul, do you remember going to your first ever Spurs game? and if so who did we play and do you remember the score?

it was 14th February 1976 at home to QPR, just before my 9th birthday. We lost 3-0 and I cried when I got home

What was you first ever Spurs kit?

When I was a kid it was just the plain white and blue but when the new Admiral kit came out when I was 11 I waited for Cullens in Romford to open so I could buy it with the pocket money I’d saved. I still have it and my 7 year old daughter wore it when we had an open training day at WHL recently.

Paul, what is your favourite Spurs kit of all time?

Admiral yellow away kit 1978.

What’s your most memorable Spurs game?

There are 2, both at Wembley. 1981 FA Cup Final replay and the 1991 Semi Final.

Who would be your top 5 Spurs players ever? and use 1 word to describe each of them.

Pat Jennings – Safest
Glenn Hoddle – Majestic
Paul Gascoigne – Brilliant
Jimmy Greaves – Prolific
Dave Mackay – Leader

Paul's all time Top 5 Spurs Players

Paul’s all time Top 5 Spurs Players

Paul, have you been to any away games? and if so what one was the best one and why?

But the best away game I’m struggling with? but I’ll go with The Emirates, season before last. 2-0 down won 3-2.

How do you travel to games at White Hart Lane? bus, train, drive or do you get a lift?

I Drive in and get to the ground about 4 hours before kick off.

Do you have any Pre match rituals, such as wearing lucky underpants or items of clothing? Or do you have to go to a particular pub or food outlet before the game?

I’m usually rushing around corporate lounges before the game so no time for pre match rituals. I totally avoid the superstitious stuff unlike some ex players like Martin Peters who will never cross anyone on the stairs!

Paul, what’s your favourite Spurs song or chant?

Nothing tops a good COYS for me
Come On You Spurs

Who’s your favourite current Spurs player?

Has to be Gareth Bale. I wonder why?!

Is there a young Spur you’re keeping an eye on?

Although he’s broken through already, I think young Tom Carroll has a great future.

Paul, how’s AVB done in his first season?

I think he’s done great. So much pressure to start with and a hard act to follow. I said from day one that we must give him time and I believe he’s delivering for us. A very nice man too and extremely intelligent.

Paul we’ve come to our final question Q13.

Do you think we need to strengthen in the summer? if so in what areas? and who would you like to see us go for?

I’d love to see another striker in the summer. Another Greaves or Klinnsman’s not too much to ask for is it??

Paul I’d like to say a massive thanks for taking part in this Q&A session, and as ever I hope everybody enjoys the answers as much I have.
I particularly like his answers to Q1 Q5 Q8 and Q12.

Thanks again

Also, don’t forget you can catch Paul on his Radio show where you can hear an endless supply of true classics, on Gold.




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