END of a nightmare …? – 26th May 2014

END of a nightmare …?

with rumours amongst the media and on social sites suggesting this could be the week we find out who our latest Manager will be I’ve finally decided to put into words more of my thoughts on what can only be described as a truly shocking season!

The last time I wrote was as way back in December, just after the sacking of AVB, or should I say just after yet “another” sacking, and to be completely honest building up to it and most definitely since it I was so fed up with what had been going on throughout our season I just couldn’t face writing about yet another abject performance, another poorly executed interview by our interim coach, another defeat against that mob up the road, or a 3rd loss to Fat Sams poor team of East-Enders, another collapse to Big gob Jose, another self-destruction to Liverpool and FIVE more goals conceded to City making a total of ELEVEN in 2 games due to the SIX they’d already battered us by back in November, and when you add this to the loss of Bale but the hope and excitement of the magnificent 7 that only turned into a magnificent let down then who could blame me for not wanting to write about it.

There’s been so few highlights during what has for Many reasons been a turbulent season that I for one just couldn’t wait for the nightmare to end. I thought I saw a sign of things to come way back at that start of the season when Palace worked so much harder than we wanted to, the lack of application and desire to even try to get a win at the Emirates (again) was very evident and it was only 3 league games in, yet I was told it’s a new team and will need time to gel, I wasn’t so sure. Fast forward to AVB’s sacking and the unbelievable appointment of a man who had “Never” managed before was let’s face it like something Vincent Tan at Cardiff would have done NOT one of the so-called top clubs in England.

Tim Sherwood went on to earn a lot of nick names from the fans like tweety pie or Dim Tim and yep he brought a lot of the criticism he received on him self, he was cocky in interviews, he was trying to be like Harry’s mini me yet without the pedigree of years as a manager, he would moan about the players and even the fans whilst all along making no difference to the performance of the team. Some might argue he did ok seeing as he’d never done it before and what did we expect from him win us the league? No course not but he was never gonna be a fans favourite unless he did produce something special as they just couldn’t get past his arsenal links and his arrogance, however lots of fans have forgotten something and something significant and in doing so seem to have planted the blame for our awful season firmly at his feet? After-all it’s the same squad of players that have let in a ton of goals, scored just 4 more, seemed unable to string a pass together forgotten how to defend and seemingly play football full stop. To be honest the players have played their part in this season and helped in the sacking of 2 managers in under 5 months, so they’re not blameless in this awful season either.

and there is always as but, yet again I have to question Mr Levy and ask “Who” is making these damn right shocking decisions at White Hart Lane? Because whoever he or she or they are they really need to look at themselves, and Daniel if it’s you I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “What the hell are you playing at?” I’ve lost count of the number of managers we’ve had in the last 10 years and more importantly the “Wrong” managers. I’ve still not heard the Club explanation for the removal of HR, and I “can’t” get my head round why you would put a novice a newbie a man who has never even managed in the lower levels of the game before into the TOP job at a high-profile football club? It’s like asking a cashier at Tesco to step up and become CEO or asking a cadet to run the Army, it just “Doesn’t happen, not in the real world so “WHY” did it happen here?

It seems to me that Dim Tim has taken a lot of the flack that really should be aimed at Levy and or the board (AGAIN) because every couple of seasons we find ourselves in the same position of looking for yet another manager instead of either sticking with one or at least appointing the right one. Why do we keep appointing blokes that haven’t really achieved that much, guys that are fairly new to management, we seem happy to be the trail grounds for a fella from abroad or even a youngster almost starting out on the road to management, why aren’t we going out and getting a tried and tested man, a guy that has more chance of succeeding as he’s done so already, I’d rather pay absolutely TOP dollar on a proven winner than waste the cash on yet another 15 million plus pound player. We “can’t” keep buying player after player and hope the next man knows how to get the best from them, it’s time the current owners either put up or shut up, this constant change can’t keep happening, STOP guessing, STOP taking the cheaper option and get the man the team needs, what ever the cost. GET A WINNER!

However I feel very apprehensive about who this will be, the media believe it’s likely to be either Frank De Boer or Pochettino, the latter being the bookies favourite, yet looking back over recent appointments I’m not sure this will be good for us? People are saying he’s done a fantastic job at Southampton and indeed he has BUT no disrespect to the Saints they’re a completely different prospect. They have no expectations apart from trying to stay in the league and anything better than that surely is job done, yes they’ve played some good football achieved some decent wins and even brought through some players for England but that doesn’t alter the fact they’re not a Club with such expectations and the budget of Spurs. Agreed I could and “hope”I’m wrong but I’ve seen this with us so many times now that I can’t help but think this has AVB written all over it. I just don’t think the time is right for us to yet again put our hopes and dreams into yet another young manager, simply because we could very easily find ourselves in further decline as the other Clubs around us will and are gonna improve, we will already be asking a lot of the new man trying to just get 6th again as City CFC Liverpool Afc will be challenging and don’t forget United will Sanction the signing of some very good players for their no-nonsense successful new man Van Gaal to work with.

Granted all appointments are a gamble as there’s no guarantee’s, but surely you have to look at the options weigh them up and then get the man who offers you the absolute best chance of success, as opposed to our board crossing their fingers and getting in a man who “Might” have a bit of potential.

Either way, is this the

End of a nightmare …?
Start of another …?


I guess like Levy and Co I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best too!



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