Since 1981(My Spurs)

Like most kids I was first taken to see Tottenham Hotspur by my dad, it was way back in 1981, it was the F.A Cup Semi final Vs Wolves at Highbury, my overall memory of the match is that it was at night, we wore an all white kit that seemed so bright as it sparkled off the flood lights, Whilst the Wolves kit being orange and black just appeared dull to me.
I’d never even seen so many people let alone stand amongst them. I remember we stood in the corner on the old clock end with the Wolves fans to our right..
The rest I know from that night, the victory, Ricky Villa’s great goal from the edge of the box, the team and the progress to the Final are all stored in my mind but what I couldn’t tell you is are they in there because I remember everything about that night or are they in there because of the various clips I’d have seen on TV, articles I have read in the program’s or the papers after ?
I don’t suppose i’ll ever know, but what I do know is that something happened to this 8 year old boy that night, that will go on to stay with me forever!
I doubt I will ever be able to explain through words exactly what it is, I doubt I will ever even understand it myself, what I do know though is a day doesn’t pass without Tottenham Hotspur Football Club being part of it.

And just as our adopted song goes

“I Can’t Smile Without You”


I hope you’ll will find some common ground with my Blogs!


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