We’re currently looking for a New Manager, what usually comes with that is all manner of names from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some fans lose all sense of logic when this situation again pops up as not everyone who’s being suggested are available or possibly not even interested? Either way the names still get mentioned, So take your time, think of the pros and cons as well as who we could realistically get and make your choice from my Poll, if your choice isn’t on the list you can even add your own!

But remember, THINK about the Pros and cons and the actual chance of getting that person!



Season So Far – Yet So NEAR – 5th November

Before I get down to business I just wanted to apologise for the long lay off between articles (family illnesses) and as there is now some catching up to do I have decided to split this next piece into 2 parts.

The Signings

So, many games have been played since I last wrote back on the 19th of August, some good some bad and some just ugly, and our summer signings have given us plenty to talk about too.
PAULINHO has in my opinion settled the quickest having already shown his class, always wants the ball and has already found the net, I’m convinced he’ll just get stronger better and will score a few more too, he’s a great singing.
SOLDADO’S had a bit of a mixed bag so far, scoring 6 times in the 11 games he’s started is a fantastic return, although a lot has been made from the fact most have come from the penalty spot, that doesn’t actually bother me though simply down to this reason, he isn’t getting any goal scoring chances, week after week after week he’s been trying to live of scraps, during 90 minutes of football he’s been feed nothing yet he still has the balls the coolness and most importantly the belief to step up and slot 1 away, and that for me shows he has what it takes to make it in this league, he could easily have lost his confidence and disappeared up his own backside but he hasn’t, he’s just doing what top top strikers do, he knows the pass will come – eventually, but in the meantime he’s staying calm staying alert and finishing from the spot when it matters.
CAPOUE’S been a real surprise for me, although he only managed a few games before his injury he showed plenty of what he’s about, I knew nothing about him before he signed but in the 20 or so minutes he played at Palace he stood out, and in the following 2 or 3 games he did again, I can see why his nick names The Tank, he’s full of running, breaking opponents down, he gets stuck in and has ability on the ball too, I’ll be honest and say i cant wait for a full season of The Beast and the The Tank side by side, it’ll be like watching a Hollywood blockbuster Iron man or The Hulk, NO more like The Avengers!
CHADLI I’m not so sure about (yet) he’s got plenty of tricks but I think he’s a little light weight and surprised by the intensity of Premier League football at the moment, He’s the tallest of our new signings and does have some muscle but it’s the strength to go with it that he’s missing, I also think he needs to add some aggression to his game in order to get down the flanks, Bale was lightweight when he came but added plenty of muscle to his frame, got stronger and stronger then just ripped everyone apart “Taxi for Micon” and I think Chadli has to look to do the same otherwise sadly I don’t think we’ll see much of him.
ERIK LAMELA’S another I didn’t really know much about apart from the YouTube clips I watched, but he too could be in danger of being left behind, he’s also very lightweight, very slight, but funny enough I don’t think it’s his size that will be a problem, from what I’ve seen and heard he has mountains of skill, both feet, quick thinking, can run in and out of players, drift and can leave them trailing he can also spot a pass a mile away.

When the Scum fans took to twitter moaning “i can’t believe Spurs signed Lamela” you knew he had to be good, yet his problem will be his confidence, he’s gonna take time to settle, unlike most of the others he hasn’t any fellow countryman to help him adjust, from what I understand his English is almost nil, I just get yet he impression he’s gonna need some help, I’d get Ossie in 2 or 3 times a week to help and work with him and when “When” he’s adjusted he’ll set the Premier alight just like little Juninho did for Middlesbrough all those years ago and he’ll be one to help find Soldado. Give him time give him the GAMES and he could be our new Gazza.
ERIKSEN what a signing he was, everyone and his dog was after him but we got the signature, although he’s still quit young it feels he’s been around for a long time, at 21 he’s got bundles of experience, he played 113 times for Ajax, played every level for Denmark at under 17s 18s 19s 21s and has now played 41 times for the Full national side, he’s great vision the lightest of touches and can score from range, however AVB needs to let him go too, so far out of his 10 appearances he’s been subbed in 4 and completed just 6, in my opinion he’s another of them players you just let him go, get on and do your stuff son, he’s another man to find Soldado.
VLAD CHIRICES has impressed me already, he’s one of those players that could be at the club for ever and with a name like Vlad you know he’s got cult status written all over him, he’s like a Micky D you know exactly what you’re getting them moment he steps on the pitch, you know the minimum he’s gonna give is 100%, he’ll dive in front of everything to try to stop a shot going in and just as pleasing he’s accurate with his passing too.

All in all I think the summer signings have been very good and in the main I’m very happy with them, add them to what is already a decent squad and the long-term injury returnees Sandro and big Younes and hopefully a more consistent Danny Rose at left back surely on paper this team can’t be that far away from success ? Yet to be honest some of our performances have been shockers, the scum away i thought we was gutless, West Ham a home completely na├»ve Sheriff away very open and very dodgy and Everton at the weekend in the 2nd half just dull and void of ideas, but, and a very big BUT we’re going through a lot of changes and it will take a bit more time to get it completely right. As for the new 7 would be it too much to expect all to have hit the ground running and to become instant Tottenham greats ? Of course it would, yet on the other hand Law of averages would suggest they can’t all make it either and 1 or 2 could fall by the wayside not given the full-time and support needed, of course i hope they all go on to become legends, because if they did it could well mean we went on to win a trophy or two? But as ever only time will tell!



Another cracking Video by Yidvids2

And that was that! – 29th May 2012

I’m finally back in the real world after my fishing trip to France, and after what seems like a season that was never gonna end, it did.

As I sat in our lodge on the Sunday afternoon watching the final 20 minutes of our season coming to an end my eyes were fixed on Garth Crooks. His squirming in his seat, the leaning forward, the halfway position between sitting and standing only to slump back into his seat when an attack ended with nothing, and with time rapidly running out both at the Lane and up North my nerves started to get the better of me, because the More Garth squirmed the more i tried to laugh it off. Then Yesssss he shouts, so i know weve scored, even before Gabby says “Oooo theres been a goal at White Hart Lane” instantly I’m not even interested in Whos scored or how they scored it because my attention has now turned straight to watching the origional monkey’s head Keown, I’m waiting for him to show me a sign, to shout Nooooo, but nothing. As much as i stare him down through the T.V with what can only be described as a Superman glare, nothing happens, not a bloody thing, “Nothing”

And that was that.. All over.. “Again”

I sat watching the live feeds coming through at the final whistle and there’s Levy in full shot on our T.V screen. Now I don’t know if you saw it but it worried me, he didn’t know what way to look? Who to turn to? Yeah he’s disappointed just like the rest of us but it wasn’t that, although he was clapping he himself looked a very worried man.

At “That” moment, right there the enormity of missing out on the Champions League just hit home. Levy had just realised he’s now in a position he really didnt want to be in. Like “where” do I raise the 30 40 50 or even 60 million quid Andre and the fans are gonna demand in order to stop this end of season after season emptiness?

Because unlike the past few seasons Levy has been lucky enough to be able to bring in decent players by using the money generated through the “sales” of some of our bigger players, not once have the Club or Owners had to raid the bank account in order to buy. Over the last 2 or 3 years Tottenham and Enic have got away with spending only money they’ve received. We have only ever replaced who’s left yet “Never added” to who was already there enhancing the side and the squad, and that’s why we’re short in depth, that’s why we as fans are constantly asking for strikers, and that’s why we keep missing out.

Levy stood there clapping in the stand but looked more like an accused man in the dock, it was as if he felt like all 36,500 pairs of eyes in the ground were looking directly at him and asking “what now then Dan? This can’t keep happening?”

As in my previous articles I’ve said Levy Enic and the board have done a fantastic job securing the financial security of our beloved, and I’ve also said people forget that Enic are at the end of the day a business, but not just any business, an Investment company.

An investment company acquire a business or project (Tottenham Hotspur) they believe they can then increase it’s profile, customer base and turnover in order to then be able to sell on at a profit.

An investment company will happily spend large sums of money on said business or project (New training Complex and Stadium) in order to further “increase the profile and value” to be able sell on at a profit.

An investment company “does not” spend large sums of money on risks and gambles (footballers) on the hope (Champions League) that it just “might” all turn out rosy in the end.

And that’s why Levy looked worried, as this year he knows he doesn’t have anyone in our squad that could generate the large sums of cash needed. The likes of Gomes Bentley Gallas Livermore and even Kyle Naughton wouldn’t scrape together 10 to 15 million between em?

However we all know there is someone who would?
This years premier leagues Player Of the Year

Levy knows full well the fans see Bale as a different prospect to that of Berbatov or Modric, both those players turned their backs on the Club, caused unrest and made it more than clear they wanted out, and as good as they were we all said “stuff em – get rid” however Bale to date has said nothing of the sort and because of this the fans would demand he stays.

Yet not only demand Gareth stays, but would also have the right to demand we bring in some top players that will finally enhance the side, and then be able to compete at the top level.

Levy knows the fans know this is how he’s been operating these last 2 or 3 years, and we’ve let him get on with it and stayed largely off his back. Yet because of the all the above he also knows this summer will be a big one, he will either have to sell his biggest “asset” in Bale in order to generate the required funds to improve the side OR finally dip into the bank and spend some of that hard earned profit that’s been building nicely these last few years.

Either of which any Investment Company wouldn’t like to do.



PLEASE tell us that your AvB has negotiated a deal with Wigan chief Dave Whelan to supply him with 11 Snub-nose Beretta’s maybe even a sub machine gun, and that the Merchandice is already being shipped?

Because after today’s win at Stoke we’re right back in it, but now we have to pray that Wigan can find “another Miricle” and turn over the Ars in the week.
Wigan “Need” a win just as much as “WE” need them to win, so a tiny intervention by the way of some small arms fire must be the order of the day as we can’t afford for them to lose! So get the win and Leave the rest up to us at the weekend at the lane, and with our fans in “Full battle mode” I wouldn’t bet against us.

C’mon Wigan HotSpur we’re right behind you, “Don’t” mess it up, Otherwise our Champions League hopes a definitely “Over” and if that happens D-Day could well be looming?

That’s right, D-Day, DANIEL DAY!
Because the way I see it if we don’t qualify for the Champions League this could well be the “biggest summer” for the Clubs board in recent history.

Anybody that follows my articles will already know that I have mixed feelings regarding Mr Levy the board and Enic, not that i think they do a bad job because they don’t, to be honest I’ve said time and again they’ve done a fantastic job in helping to turn round our fortunes. We’ve no apparent debt, we’ve got a tremendous brand new state of the art training centre and the construction work around White Hart Lane is under way. We’ve also got some pretty decent players too, So why the mixed feeling then?

As i see it to own and run a football Club is nothing but a ball ache, you invest in a Club and are told by the fans “Me” included to “SPEND” yet if you don’t spend you’re accused of not having a clue about football, yet spend and and fans can still say you’ve either bought cheaply or bought the wrong, so as the owner of a football Club what do you get? Because if all turns to Cockerell shit you’re guaranteed to get it an earful, but even if you get it right you’ll get very little praise.
So again, “what” do you as the owner get out of this?

People can easily forget the costs involved in running a Club, Levy and his team have to be a very very good businessmen, their job is to promote the Club and also negotiate and secure the best sponsorships deals too, and they do, get this, we’ve got 2 different shirt sponsors, one for League games Aurasma and Investec for European games. Now that’s great business. They also manage to get other Clubs to pay top price when we’re selling players too, even if the player is out of form or favour. All pretty impressive stuff but all necessary in order to run a Club and balance the books.

So, for the 3rd and final time “What” do they get out of it?

Was formally known as “English National Investment Company” that’s right “Investment Company” not The billionaire’s hobby company or The Russian’s Play thing company but an investment company, a business. Now I’m not gonna criticise them for running the Club like a business because simply put like it or not in modern football “we Are a business” and for ENIC their business is buying into other companies in order to then make a profit, and that’s business, so I except that. But it’s the words “investment Company” and the nature of their business that bothers me. We’ve all noticed that over the last 3 or 4 seasons we as a Club have spent less on incoming transfers than what we’ve banked from outgoing transfers, and of course that “IS” good business practice, to make more money than you spend, Yet I’m now convinced the actual level of investment we as fans of a Tottenham ask for in order for us to become real contenders will “not” come.
As long as we’re fighting for 3rd 4th and even 5th the Club will continue to be attractive to sponsors, so continue to make money. As long as we don’t fall away to 6th 7th and beyond the Investment Company need “Not” spend large sums of already banked cash on players in order to try to fight for the very same 3rd or 4th places we are already trying to compete for.
Yes qualifying for Champions League will generate even more money, but no more so than they may need to spend just to get us there in the first place. However the problem being to spend 30 40 even 50 million pounds on a striker or 2, and or a world-class midfield maestro still doesn’t “guarantee” we’d reach the CL, and even then get through to the knockout stages. All in all why would a “Investment Company” who’s sole purpose is to make money spend large amounts of money on a what they would consider as a “risk”? They wouldn’t, that’s not what investment groups do, they spend the money they make on things that “will” make even more money, such as a State of the art training centre, a brand new stadium that comes with housing Hotels even supermarkets. Both these projects when finished along with a football team competing within the top 5 of the biggest League in world football will be even more attractive to prospective and future buyers of the Club. ENIC will then be able to sell the Club for far more than they paid for it.

Don’t forget, it isn’t ENIC buying in players, or paying the players their vast wages, it isn’t ENIC funding the training Centre or New stadium, it’s Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, along with yet more sponsors, investments and even local government. ENIC have put in very little since their original purchase of the Club yet would have taken dividends, wages even possibly share options and all rightly so, as after all they are the owners.

So why do I say D-Day could be looming for Levy and ENIC?
Well, over the last few seasons we’ve brought in new players with money generated through the sale of others, take last season as an example BIG names such as Modric and VDV went for BIG money, amongst others also going out. Who we brought in was paid for by those sales, however this summer we don’t have any 20 or 30 million pound players in our squad to sell except of course the newly crowned Player of the year Bale, we also have Verts and Lloris but surely we’re not looking to sell any of them on? Now people will say if we offload the likes of Bentley, Gomes, Livermore, Parker and maybe 1 or 2 others that could bring in some cash for transfers, but to be honest as good as Levy is at selling high there isn’t a huge amount of money to be made there, certainly not the sort of money required to bring in GOOD players, besides our already weak squad then becomes even weaker and smaller if we do sell on players so squad players would need to be replaced, before we can even think of adding the so-called better players needed for us to go to the next level.

Despite a great 2nd Half against the Chavski, despite Adebayor having the best 70 minutes he’s EVER played (what a Goal, and WHAT a touch to set up Sigs by the way) despite our fans giving it their all and a great job they did too, out singing “The Pikeys” time and time again, and despite the touch-line effort by both AvB and The Fraund, it IS now out of our hands if we make CL or not. We need snookers, well we need a Wigan Cup final winning performance to help us out!
Personally I don’t give a Shite about the CL, I’ve always said it’s a crap format, I’ve always said to have teams finish 3rd and 4th go in the CHAMPIONS League never made sense to me, and to even have sides then get knocked out yet their failure is rewarded with “Ahhhh you got knocked out – have a go in the Europa then” makes it a bit naff for me, but I understand it’s importance because players wanna play in it so you have to try to get there.

And there it is folks, D-day
After sacking Martin Jol and Harry then bringing in AvB if Levy and ENIC are serious about Spurs as a “football Club” they have some big decisions coming their way in the summer. Will they sell Bale in order to raise some spending money? We doubt it, well, we hope not. So will they then dip into the bank account to bring us the 2 or 3 “ADDITIONAL” Good players we need, not just replacements for those who may leave?
Or will they continue with their recent form of being just the “Investment Company” and spend none of our money, or none of their own, because if the board don’t improve the squad by adding the better quality players that we need and just go into the new season with everything crossed, fingers, toes, shoe laces the lot, then this time I think we’ll start to see a big change within the attitude of the fans towards them.

So then ENIC, Mr Levy and the board, unless one of you can produce miracles and get us into that last CL spot you’ll have to find some money to spend, otherwise the fans will start turning and D-Day could well be approaching!!