“BUT I LIKED HIM” – 18th December 2013


Like it or not, agree or not, it’s happened. Andre’s gone.
Many fans, 1000’s of fans are unhappy about the decision that Levy and Co have made, but again rightly or wrongly it’s been done. I’ve my opinion on it and you’ll have yours, some will agree and others won’t.


Those of you who follow my blogs may have seen in the past I’ve questioned Levy and the Clubs owners over the sacking of managers, and recently I wrote about AVB and that if he wasn’t careful another sacking could be on the cards, and In that piece I also wrote that our overall performances this season hadn’t been great to watch yet I didn’t want him sacked and that I was prepared to give him until the end of the season to see if things would change.

I’ll be honest to say though that over the last few weeks I did start to question him more and more. His tactics left me confused? Playing the defensive high line with centre backs that were to slow to get back, surely a sweeper would have fared better than a goalkeeper trying to be one? Left wingers playing on the right and right wingers playing on the left, who then cut inside in order to get on their natural foot yet in doing so would run into an area so full of people it resembled White Hart Lane train station on match day? A striker who just by watching a YouTube compilation would show you he likes to run onto through balls or attack cross’s “not” play with his back to goal playing as a number 10? Then there was the constant selection changes, Young Eric having finally looked like the player we hoped he could be not only won us a penalty in the Europa League game against Sheriff at the Lane he also scored, and was clearly enjoying himself, only to be left on the bench and not even used in the following game? This left me saying “he’s finally shown us something yet AVB hasn’t even put him on? Talk about knock his confidence again” and finally Andre’s substitutions, in the main made little sense, taking off a defender to put on a striker then 10 minutes later taking off a striker to put on a defender? YET having said all of the above I was still prepared to accept these faults and tell everyone “just give him time” “let him have until the end of the season” “I like the bloke”

For week’s I’d been saying to my old man I like him, he’s got something about him yet Dad kept saying over and over he’s clueless, what? Dad what you talking about the players love him, look at Bale last year jumping all over him – players don’t do that if they don’t like ya, Dads reply was “NOT players, player” “of course Bales happy he’s having the time of his life, he’s scoring last-minute winners and everybody loves him, but the others, they’re not exactly firing on all cylinders are they”

Before Liverpool had even scored it was clear for all to see that this was only gonna end one way, Stirling was turning Naughton inside out at will, Suarez kept finding himself in acres of space and as for us, we looked so out or sorts and off the pace there was only ever gonna be one outcome, it was gonna be a long afternoon. As the game progressed and the goals kept coming I knew it was the end, before it had even finished i could see Andre passing Levy the hammer to bang that final nail into his own coffin. I turned to Monty and said that’s it mate, he’s gone!

Possibly like Levy, I found I’d run out of excuses for him, we sat there frustrated, moaning how awful we’d been – again, how we could see what was wrong and how AVB couldn’t, how the selection and tactics were wrong – again, why didn’t he do this and why didn’t he try that? yet every time we felt like we was having a go at him we both just sighed and again confessed “but I like him”

Over the last few weeks I started to see what Dad was actually saying, time and again he said “forget the result and look at the performance” and to be completely honest he was right.
Although we’ve won games we’ve beaten the teams below us, way below us, remember the actual games and there’s no denying we’ve played terrible football almost weekly, even in the Europa League finishing top with maximum points we still played terrible, Sheriff away was shocking but some how we won? Tromso away was the same. Hull in both the League and the Cup shocking, it goes on and on with just 1 or 2 decent performances thrown in like Villa away and United at home, yet all I found my self saying after every game was “but I like him”

Yesterday’s news didn’t come as a surprise, though I thought they’d have got the Christmas period over first (maybe they was worried about the West Ham game) but once it broke and I started to think about it and what it meant I was gutted, “as I like him” I like his gruff voice and Phil Cormwells impressions, I like his swish and dapper suits, I like his fist pumping goal celebrations and I even like his smile, but the more I thought about it it finally dawned on me, as much as I like AVB I like him for all the “Wrong reasons” I like him for the reasons above and because of that I was reluctant to admit that the football he has been offering is tactically over complicated and simply put just not good enough.

Fans on social sites have had a pop at Levy saying things like he should have given him more time, or saying all these new players need time to gel, even saying its Levy’s fault as he shouldn’t have hired him in the first place, especially after what happened at Chelsea, now all of that might in fact be right? But ultimately the bottom line is our performances this season have “not” been good enough, nowhere near good enough and what’s more have shown no signs of improving. At times the players have looked confused and I even heard one fan say “it’s like watching his under 10’s team on a Saturday morning”

We all wanted AVB to succeed, but if each and every one of us was to be honest, we’d all have to agree it just hasn’t been good enough. The stats that say he had a better win rate than any of our previous premier league managers were great, yet the poor performances were papered over by Gareth Bales triple Player of the year season and played a massive part in those stats.



With every minute that pass’ since his sacking my swingOmeter is definitely pointing at the sign that reads “Thanks Andre but it just wasn’t working” and because of that I will for once say Levy had to do it.

Thanks Andre, Good Luck!

Who’s next?
Sherwood and Sir Les have been put in charge for now, and to be honest I expect to see an instant transformation as I can’t imagine for one minute they’d continue the confused tactics of square pegs in round holes ethos. However do we honestly expect them to stay in charge long-term? I doubt it. So who will be the next man in charge then? Some big big names have been mentioned by fellow Spurs fans like Guus Hiddink Benitez even Klopp yet come on people all these blokes are currently employed and in jobs seen to be better than ours at the moment. The reality is the list is very limited, probably until the summer at least so if Tim and the boys do a decent job they may still be in charge come what May, but for me I’d give the job to another Spurs man, many people have said No way when I’ve mentioned him, saying Old hat, been there done that, been out the game to long etc etc yet for me Glenn would fit this job or more to the point this team, perfectly. Last time around Hoddle was still very much a young manager without many people skills, he didn’t have a great squad and was a little arrogant, yet hardly surprising as we’d been singing to him “Hoddle’s the king of White Hart Lane” for years, but what know-one can deny is that Glenn Hoddle has a technical ability so superior to most that in turn can spot ability a mile off, when in charge of England he had them playing the best football for years. I for one don’t buy into this he’s been away to long simply because he won’t be playing himself, his legs might not work but his football brain still does, and his vision on how the game should be played shown to the likes of Vertonghen, Paulinho, Dembele, Sandro, Eriksen, Lemala, Soldado and everyone else in the squad would actually make me sit up and look forward to where it could lead.
As I’ve said, many fans have told me “no way” yet so far I’ve heard Micky Hazard, Graham Roberts, Paul Miller, Ossie Ardiles, Gary Lineker, Alan Brazil and even Ray Wilkins say Hoddle could get this squad playing some truly great football.

So I’ll tell you this….
I know who’d I’d rather listen too!



A “REAL” DISGRACE – Aug 19th 2013

At last, the football’s “BACK”

Yet because the last couple of months have been crazy to say the least, what with every man and his dog trying their upper most to export Gareth Bale to Spain, my first article is about that very subject.

I mean c’mon we all know and knew that at some point in the future Bale would be moving on to the so called Mecca of World football that is Real Madrid, but I can’t help but think two things about it all.
1, is how undignified Madrid truly are, I mean the way they’ve gone about publicly tapping him up is nothing other than a disgrace, from the constant comments of Perez, Zidane and even Ancelotti to pictures of Bales name on the back of a Real shirt are just the half of it, yet all in all their actions have been nothing other than despicable, cheap and dirty, the kind of behaviour you’d expect more from the Chavs “not” from one of the biggest and most glamorous football Clubs in the world football. Yet because of it any thoughts I may have had about the so called galacticos have changed from being kind of dreamy and mythical to utter disgust and even hate.
Madrid this is “NOT” the way to do business!

The 3 Amigos - unbelievable arrogance

The 3 Amigos – unbelievable arrogance

The other point is how bad our own UK press have been acting during this too, I mean they’ve made it perfectly clear they will not be happy until Gareth leaves these shores, and that confuse’s the hell out of me? Why would the media want him gone when during the season it’s his performances and wonder goals that provide them with the articles they need to write? Surely it’s better to have the best players playing in our Premier League than playing hundreds of miles away in a division that has only 2 teams capable of winning. It seems to me they’re all so desperate to be the one to break the transfer news, to be first to the story that they can’t even see the what they’ll lose when he’s gone, and that for me that is utter stupidity and even “cheap” journalism.
Surely the story someone needs to write and wants to write is why the hell have UEFA yet again kept quiet whilst the most “blatant” form of tapping up has been going on? Surely there’s a jurno out there dying to get their teeth into yet more UEFA disrespect shown to a British based club? After all we all know we get treated like shit by them and the time has come for someone to be asking “why” rather than try to unsettle a top UK player so they can write a story that lets face it they can only ever write once, yet by doing so helps push him into what is nothing other than a glorified SPL!

Here’s hoping there’s a reporter out there that might one day try to get to the bottom of UEFA’s hatred towards British Clubs.

As I write there’s currently 14 days until the transfer window slams firmly shut, and I for one hope Gareth will be pulling on that famous white shirt, not the white of the newly self confessed chavs of Spanish football, but the white, the Lilly white of Spurs. I’ve not even mentioned our new exciting signings, yet with them alongside last season’s quadruple Player of the a year I’m convinced for the first time in my 40 years we could finally make a serious challenge!



Another cracking Video by Yidvids2

And that was that! – 29th May 2012

I’m finally back in the real world after my fishing trip to France, and after what seems like a season that was never gonna end, it did.

As I sat in our lodge on the Sunday afternoon watching the final 20 minutes of our season coming to an end my eyes were fixed on Garth Crooks. His squirming in his seat, the leaning forward, the halfway position between sitting and standing only to slump back into his seat when an attack ended with nothing, and with time rapidly running out both at the Lane and up North my nerves started to get the better of me, because the More Garth squirmed the more i tried to laugh it off. Then Yesssss he shouts, so i know weve scored, even before Gabby says “Oooo theres been a goal at White Hart Lane” instantly I’m not even interested in Whos scored or how they scored it because my attention has now turned straight to watching the origional monkey’s head Keown, I’m waiting for him to show me a sign, to shout Nooooo, but nothing. As much as i stare him down through the T.V with what can only be described as a Superman glare, nothing happens, not a bloody thing, “Nothing”

And that was that.. All over.. “Again”

I sat watching the live feeds coming through at the final whistle and there’s Levy in full shot on our T.V screen. Now I don’t know if you saw it but it worried me, he didn’t know what way to look? Who to turn to? Yeah he’s disappointed just like the rest of us but it wasn’t that, although he was clapping he himself looked a very worried man.

At “That” moment, right there the enormity of missing out on the Champions League just hit home. Levy had just realised he’s now in a position he really didnt want to be in. Like “where” do I raise the 30 40 50 or even 60 million quid Andre and the fans are gonna demand in order to stop this end of season after season emptiness?

Because unlike the past few seasons Levy has been lucky enough to be able to bring in decent players by using the money generated through the “sales” of some of our bigger players, not once have the Club or Owners had to raid the bank account in order to buy. Over the last 2 or 3 years Tottenham and Enic have got away with spending only money they’ve received. We have only ever replaced who’s left yet “Never added” to who was already there enhancing the side and the squad, and that’s why we’re short in depth, that’s why we as fans are constantly asking for strikers, and that’s why we keep missing out.

Levy stood there clapping in the stand but looked more like an accused man in the dock, it was as if he felt like all 36,500 pairs of eyes in the ground were looking directly at him and asking “what now then Dan? This can’t keep happening?”

As in my previous articles I’ve said Levy Enic and the board have done a fantastic job securing the financial security of our beloved, and I’ve also said people forget that Enic are at the end of the day a business, but not just any business, an Investment company.

An investment company acquire a business or project (Tottenham Hotspur) they believe they can then increase it’s profile, customer base and turnover in order to then be able to sell on at a profit.

An investment company will happily spend large sums of money on said business or project (New training Complex and Stadium) in order to further “increase the profile and value” to be able sell on at a profit.

An investment company “does not” spend large sums of money on risks and gambles (footballers) on the hope (Champions League) that it just “might” all turn out rosy in the end.

And that’s why Levy looked worried, as this year he knows he doesn’t have anyone in our squad that could generate the large sums of cash needed. The likes of Gomes Bentley Gallas Livermore and even Kyle Naughton wouldn’t scrape together 10 to 15 million between em?

However we all know there is someone who would?
This years premier leagues Player Of the Year

Levy knows full well the fans see Bale as a different prospect to that of Berbatov or Modric, both those players turned their backs on the Club, caused unrest and made it more than clear they wanted out, and as good as they were we all said “stuff em – get rid” however Bale to date has said nothing of the sort and because of this the fans would demand he stays.

Yet not only demand Gareth stays, but would also have the right to demand we bring in some top players that will finally enhance the side, and then be able to compete at the top level.

Levy knows the fans know this is how he’s been operating these last 2 or 3 years, and we’ve let him get on with it and stayed largely off his back. Yet because of the all the above he also knows this summer will be a big one, he will either have to sell his biggest “asset” in Bale in order to generate the required funds to improve the side OR finally dip into the bank and spend some of that hard earned profit that’s been building nicely these last few years.

Either of which any Investment Company wouldn’t like to do.



PLEASE tell us that your AvB has negotiated a deal with Wigan chief Dave Whelan to supply him with 11 Snub-nose Beretta’s maybe even a sub machine gun, and that the Merchandice is already being shipped?

Because after today’s win at Stoke we’re right back in it, but now we have to pray that Wigan can find “another Miricle” and turn over the Ars in the week.
Wigan “Need” a win just as much as “WE” need them to win, so a tiny intervention by the way of some small arms fire must be the order of the day as we can’t afford for them to lose! So get the win and Leave the rest up to us at the weekend at the lane, and with our fans in “Full battle mode” I wouldn’t bet against us.

C’mon Wigan HotSpur we’re right behind you, “Don’t” mess it up, Otherwise our Champions League hopes a definitely “Over” and if that happens D-Day could well be looming?

That’s right, D-Day, DANIEL DAY!
Because the way I see it if we don’t qualify for the Champions League this could well be the “biggest summer” for the Clubs board in recent history.

Anybody that follows my articles will already know that I have mixed feelings regarding Mr Levy the board and Enic, not that i think they do a bad job because they don’t, to be honest I’ve said time and again they’ve done a fantastic job in helping to turn round our fortunes. We’ve no apparent debt, we’ve got a tremendous brand new state of the art training centre and the construction work around White Hart Lane is under way. We’ve also got some pretty decent players too, So why the mixed feeling then?

As i see it to own and run a football Club is nothing but a ball ache, you invest in a Club and are told by the fans “Me” included to “SPEND” yet if you don’t spend you’re accused of not having a clue about football, yet spend and and fans can still say you’ve either bought cheaply or bought the wrong, so as the owner of a football Club what do you get? Because if all turns to Cockerell shit you’re guaranteed to get it an earful, but even if you get it right you’ll get very little praise.
So again, “what” do you as the owner get out of this?

People can easily forget the costs involved in running a Club, Levy and his team have to be a very very good businessmen, their job is to promote the Club and also negotiate and secure the best sponsorships deals too, and they do, get this, we’ve got 2 different shirt sponsors, one for League games Aurasma and Investec for European games. Now that’s great business. They also manage to get other Clubs to pay top price when we’re selling players too, even if the player is out of form or favour. All pretty impressive stuff but all necessary in order to run a Club and balance the books.

So, for the 3rd and final time “What” do they get out of it?

Was formally known as “English National Investment Company” that’s right “Investment Company” not The billionaire’s hobby company or The Russian’s Play thing company but an investment company, a business. Now I’m not gonna criticise them for running the Club like a business because simply put like it or not in modern football “we Are a business” and for ENIC their business is buying into other companies in order to then make a profit, and that’s business, so I except that. But it’s the words “investment Company” and the nature of their business that bothers me. We’ve all noticed that over the last 3 or 4 seasons we as a Club have spent less on incoming transfers than what we’ve banked from outgoing transfers, and of course that “IS” good business practice, to make more money than you spend, Yet I’m now convinced the actual level of investment we as fans of a Tottenham ask for in order for us to become real contenders will “not” come.
As long as we’re fighting for 3rd 4th and even 5th the Club will continue to be attractive to sponsors, so continue to make money. As long as we don’t fall away to 6th 7th and beyond the Investment Company need “Not” spend large sums of already banked cash on players in order to try to fight for the very same 3rd or 4th places we are already trying to compete for.
Yes qualifying for Champions League will generate even more money, but no more so than they may need to spend just to get us there in the first place. However the problem being to spend 30 40 even 50 million pounds on a striker or 2, and or a world-class midfield maestro still doesn’t “guarantee” we’d reach the CL, and even then get through to the knockout stages. All in all why would a “Investment Company” who’s sole purpose is to make money spend large amounts of money on a what they would consider as a “risk”? They wouldn’t, that’s not what investment groups do, they spend the money they make on things that “will” make even more money, such as a State of the art training centre, a brand new stadium that comes with housing Hotels even supermarkets. Both these projects when finished along with a football team competing within the top 5 of the biggest League in world football will be even more attractive to prospective and future buyers of the Club. ENIC will then be able to sell the Club for far more than they paid for it.

Don’t forget, it isn’t ENIC buying in players, or paying the players their vast wages, it isn’t ENIC funding the training Centre or New stadium, it’s Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, along with yet more sponsors, investments and even local government. ENIC have put in very little since their original purchase of the Club yet would have taken dividends, wages even possibly share options and all rightly so, as after all they are the owners.

So why do I say D-Day could be looming for Levy and ENIC?
Well, over the last few seasons we’ve brought in new players with money generated through the sale of others, take last season as an example BIG names such as Modric and VDV went for BIG money, amongst others also going out. Who we brought in was paid for by those sales, however this summer we don’t have any 20 or 30 million pound players in our squad to sell except of course the newly crowned Player of the year Bale, we also have Verts and Lloris but surely we’re not looking to sell any of them on? Now people will say if we offload the likes of Bentley, Gomes, Livermore, Parker and maybe 1 or 2 others that could bring in some cash for transfers, but to be honest as good as Levy is at selling high there isn’t a huge amount of money to be made there, certainly not the sort of money required to bring in GOOD players, besides our already weak squad then becomes even weaker and smaller if we do sell on players so squad players would need to be replaced, before we can even think of adding the so-called better players needed for us to go to the next level.

Despite a great 2nd Half against the Chavski, despite Adebayor having the best 70 minutes he’s EVER played (what a Goal, and WHAT a touch to set up Sigs by the way) despite our fans giving it their all and a great job they did too, out singing “The Pikeys” time and time again, and despite the touch-line effort by both AvB and The Fraund, it IS now out of our hands if we make CL or not. We need snookers, well we need a Wigan Cup final winning performance to help us out!
Personally I don’t give a Shite about the CL, I’ve always said it’s a crap format, I’ve always said to have teams finish 3rd and 4th go in the CHAMPIONS League never made sense to me, and to even have sides then get knocked out yet their failure is rewarded with “Ahhhh you got knocked out – have a go in the Europa then” makes it a bit naff for me, but I understand it’s importance because players wanna play in it so you have to try to get there.

And there it is folks, D-day
After sacking Martin Jol and Harry then bringing in AvB if Levy and ENIC are serious about Spurs as a “football Club” they have some big decisions coming their way in the summer. Will they sell Bale in order to raise some spending money? We doubt it, well, we hope not. So will they then dip into the bank account to bring us the 2 or 3 “ADDITIONAL” Good players we need, not just replacements for those who may leave?
Or will they continue with their recent form of being just the “Investment Company” and spend none of our money, or none of their own, because if the board don’t improve the squad by adding the better quality players that we need and just go into the new season with everything crossed, fingers, toes, shoe laces the lot, then this time I think we’ll start to see a big change within the attitude of the fans towards them.

So then ENIC, Mr Levy and the board, unless one of you can produce miracles and get us into that last CL spot you’ll have to find some money to spend, otherwise the fans will start turning and D-Day could well be approaching!!

Q & A with Ex-Spurs Players & Celebrity fans – DARREN ANDERTON


They walked out to the tune of “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” they heard the roar of the faithful, they graced the White Hart Lane turf, their team mates were our heroes, and every single one of them pulled on that famous white shirt. They will “always” be part of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, so they will always be part of us. Me, you, friends, family, the rich and the famous, all of us, The Fans.

We’d love to know more about our Players, to know more about their time at our club, we’d even love to know their thoughts on the current Tottenham too.
We also love a Celebrity, but a Celebrity Spurs fan “wow”
the thought of them cheering on our team, singing our songs, and when it comes to Spurs their just like us, only famous. They have the same dreams, and fears, they’ve bought the shirts, sat in the cold, the rain, they’ve moaned and groaned, but they’ve also jumped up and down when we’ve won.

This Q&A page is dedicated to everyone that has either played for or supported Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

This Q&A is with

Darren was born in 1972, in Southampton, but he started his career down the road at their rivals Portsmouth. He played 62 games for them scoring 7 times. He then signed for us in 1992 and over the next 12 years appeared in our midfield 358 times scoring 34 goals, some being absolute crackers too. Darren was in the side that won the Worthington Cup at Wembley in 1999 and again in the 2002 side but this time finishing a runner-up losing out to Blackburn at the Millennium stadium. It was also during his time with us he made his England debut in 1994, He scored 7 times for England and made 30 appearances. Darren eventually left us in 2004 and over the next 4 years played for Birmingham, Wolves and Bournemouth.
He retired in 2008 and even scored in his final game for Bournemouth.

Darren was a very popular player amongst the Spurs fans, and the club clearly recognised that as he was INDUCTED INTO THE TOTTENHAM HALL OF FAME!
Here is his Q&A

Darren, what team did you support as a boy? and did you go to watch them play? if so do you remember going to your first game, Who was it against, and did they win?

I supported Southampton, and my first game was against Manchester City at the Dell, we won 4-1

When did you sign for Spurs and at what age?

I singed for Spurs in 1992 when I was 20.

Today’s players often get wonderful perks and gifts when signing, did you get anything special when you signed?

Yes, I got a BMW which was nice!!

Who did you make your Spurs debut against and did we win?

My debut was away to Southampton, where i was constantly booed by the Saints fans as I’d previously played for Portsmouth, which felt strange as I supported the Saints as a boy. The game was poor and it finished 0-0. I also has stitches in my head from a flying Francis Benali elbow.

Darren, your first goal for Spurs, who did you score it against? and again did we win?

My first goal for Spurs was against Brentford in the League Cup during a 4-2 win, My first League goal was also in a 4-2 win but this time against Southampton.

Which Spurs players did you enjoy playing alongside most? and who did you consider to be the most influential in the squad?

Teddy (Sherringham) for both answers.

Darren, when you were playing could you hear the fans singing? And was there a particular song or chant you liked?

There wasn’t a particular favourite but I loved running out at the Lane to the anthem.

You played in some big games but what’s the most memorable game you played in?

The most memorable game was the 5-1 Semi Final win at the Lane against Chelsea. Everything we did came off and it was a great performance.

Darren, do you still own any of your Spurs shirts and if so are they pride of place or wrapped up and tucked away only coming out on special occasions?

I still have most of my shirts, most of them are framed and hung up.

Since your time with us, what Spurs players over the last few years have excited you the most?

Gareth Bale, Modric and Huddlestone is class.

Who in the current squad is your favourite player?

Bale is World Class and Defoe is top quality.

Darren, he’s still new to the job but how’s AVB doing in his first season?

I think he’s done really well and fingers crossed we can make it into the top 4.

And finally Darren we come to our last question, Q13

Do you think we need to strengthen in the summer? if so in what areas? who would you like to see us go for?

We need a couple of extra strikers. Lewandowski would be nice!!

As always I would like to thank Darren for taking part in this Q&A, and I hope everyone will enjoy seeing the answers as much as I have. I particularly liked the answers to Q4 Q5 and Q8.

Darren once again,
Thank you

You can also follow Darren on his Twitter


Q&A with Ex-Spurs Players and Celebrity fans – PAUL COYTE


They walked out to the tune of “Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur” they heard the roar of the faithful, they graced the White Hart Lane turf, their team mates were our heroes, and every single one of them pulled on that famous white shirt. They will “always” be part of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, so they will always be part of us. Me, you, friends, family, the rich and the famous, all of us, The Fans.

We’d love to know more about our Players, to know more about their time at our club, we’d even love to know their thoughts on the current Tottenham too.
We also love a Celebrity, but a Celebrity Spurs fan “wow”
the thought of them cheering on our team, singing our songs, and when it comes Spurs their just like us, only famous. They have the same dreams, and fears, they’ve bought the shirts, sat in the cold, the rain, they’ve moaned and groaned, but they’ve also jumped up and down when we’ve won.

This Q & A page is dedicated to everyone that has either played for or supported Tottenham Hotspur

A Q&A With

Paul has been a voice on our radio’s for many years now and is currently the Drivetime host on Gold, if you love the Oldies, Classic hits from bands such as The Beatles The Rolling Stones and any “Real” music, then you really should be listening in between 4-8pm on weekdays. Paul’s also the man with the Mic down at White Hart Lane and has been so for a about 9 years now, we see him on the pitch introducing and interviewing all things Spurs at half time. If your lucky enough to go behind the scenes on match days for some hospitality you’ll also find Paul there entertaining.

Here’s Paul’s Questions & Answers

Paul, do you remember going to your first ever Spurs game? and if so who did we play and do you remember the score?

it was 14th February 1976 at home to QPR, just before my 9th birthday. We lost 3-0 and I cried when I got home

What was you first ever Spurs kit?

When I was a kid it was just the plain white and blue but when the new Admiral kit came out when I was 11 I waited for Cullens in Romford to open so I could buy it with the pocket money I’d saved. I still have it and my 7 year old daughter wore it when we had an open training day at WHL recently.

Paul, what is your favourite Spurs kit of all time?

Admiral yellow away kit 1978.

What’s your most memorable Spurs game?

There are 2, both at Wembley. 1981 FA Cup Final replay and the 1991 Semi Final.

Who would be your top 5 Spurs players ever? and use 1 word to describe each of them.

Pat Jennings – Safest
Glenn Hoddle – Majestic
Paul Gascoigne – Brilliant
Jimmy Greaves – Prolific
Dave Mackay – Leader

Paul's all time Top 5 Spurs Players

Paul’s all time Top 5 Spurs Players

Paul, have you been to any away games? and if so what one was the best one and why?

But the best away game I’m struggling with? but I’ll go with The Emirates, season before last. 2-0 down won 3-2.

How do you travel to games at White Hart Lane? bus, train, drive or do you get a lift?

I Drive in and get to the ground about 4 hours before kick off.

Do you have any Pre match rituals, such as wearing lucky underpants or items of clothing? Or do you have to go to a particular pub or food outlet before the game?

I’m usually rushing around corporate lounges before the game so no time for pre match rituals. I totally avoid the superstitious stuff unlike some ex players like Martin Peters who will never cross anyone on the stairs!

Paul, what’s your favourite Spurs song or chant?

Nothing tops a good COYS for me
Come On You Spurs

Who’s your favourite current Spurs player?

Has to be Gareth Bale. I wonder why?!

Is there a young Spur you’re keeping an eye on?

Although he’s broken through already, I think young Tom Carroll has a great future.

Paul, how’s AVB done in his first season?

I think he’s done great. So much pressure to start with and a hard act to follow. I said from day one that we must give him time and I believe he’s delivering for us. A very nice man too and extremely intelligent.

Paul we’ve come to our final question Q13.

Do you think we need to strengthen in the summer? if so in what areas? and who would you like to see us go for?

I’d love to see another striker in the summer. Another Greaves or Klinnsman’s not too much to ask for is it??

Paul I’d like to say a massive thanks for taking part in this Q&A session, and as ever I hope everybody enjoys the answers as much I have.
I particularly like his answers to Q1 Q5 Q8 and Q12.

Thanks again

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So everyone’s either writing about him, reading about him, talking about him or tweeting about him, and why not? The fact is our very own Bale-Diniho being voted both the PFA & young PFA player of the year is “massive”
OK it don’t mean we’ll now automatically qualify for the Champions League because of it, but what it does mean is the profile of the Club will have been raised too.



For Gareth it’s a fantastic achievement, “wow” think about, you’ve just been named PLAYER of the YEAR, The BEST player in the biggest league in “WORLD” football, how must he be feeling? He’s on top of the world, and of course he’s not one of those players who’s a one season wonder either, with his pace and shooting ability he’s “always” gonna be able to do something special.
He’s gonna be around for a few years yet, and don’t be surprised if he becomes the first ever player to win the award 3 times, coz I won’t be!

If Bale is to stay with us, and who knows for how long? but if he wants to stay other players, good players, might want to come and play alongside him? Players from all over Europe will today know Gareth Bale has just won the Premier League’s “Player of the Year” they will probably now also know it’s the 2nd time he’s won it in 3 years “and” they will definitely know he plays for Tottenham Hotspur.
These players will probably be seeing his long-range goals on their T.V’s today, they will be seeing his amazing runs from one end of the pitch to the other and banging it in, or swinging in a cross in a million for someone to run onto and smash into the net. Most of these players will be saying to their team mates “Yeah Bale won it” “Did you see that goal he scored? or Jesus he’s fast did you see that run” all the while they’ll know he plays for Spurs, and then if they look a little deeper they’ll see a different picture to what we see.

A Cracking compilation BY YidsVids / YidsVids2

At the moment we’re all worried about finishing in the Champions League spot, but they won’t know that, the points tally is close and on paper we’re up there with the better sides in the division, so they might look a little closer still and what they’ll see looks very good.

Because what they’ll see is the French Captain & No1 Hugo Lloris in our goal, they’ll see the SuperVan at the back, they’ll recognise names like Sandro Lennon Defoe and Adebayor, they’ll see us up top fighting for a Champions League spot. All in all they’ll see Tottenham Hotspur as a Club worth considering joining if Levy & Co come knocking.

Now, I’m not saying Messi Ronaldo and alike suddenly wanna start playing for Spurs, but what I am saying is decent players, players making names for themselves and players who currently play for “good” “big clubs” who might fancy coming to the Premier League will now see Spurs as a Club well worth looking at, just like Lloris and Vertonghen did.

So as massive as this is for our Bale-Diniho, and as great as it is for us Spurs fans who can officially and quite rightly so brag “we’ve” got the best player in the league in our side, this could also be “MASSIVE” for Tottenham Hotspur too.

So “WHO” fancy’s joining him then?