So Far – Yet So NEAR Part 2 – 13th November 2013


Booooo – Booooo

That sound can be heard ringing out down at the Lane these days almost as often as “C’mon On You Spurs”
The last couple of seasons have certainly been a bit strange down there that’s for sure. I’ve always been proud the way our home support always sung at games, and the amount of noise that 36,000 people could generate was more than a match for anyone, yet over recent seasons somethings changed ? i don’t know if it’s a new type of fan that’s suddenly appeared on the scene and they think Boo-ing is actually a translation for “ohh When The Spurs” ? or that the modern-day fan has been taught a lesson in reverse psychology and that Boo-ing will actually give the players a nice little gentle tap on the backside thus enhancing their performance ? Or is it as some media types would have us believe that fans of Tottenham Hotspur have always been moaners ? Could it even be that the expectations of Spurs fans are just far to high and unrealistic ? Or simply put, is it that Spurs fans think our performances of late just aren’t good enough ??
Either way, you will NEVER hear me Boo, I did it once, and ONLY once. Back in the late 80’s, we wasn’t having a great time as a club.
David Pleat had inherited what was a very good team, and they played some truly great football yet we’d already started to lose true Spurs legends, TROPHY winning legends like Graham Roberts, Pleat didn’t like him so simply moved him on, Steve Perryman was now 35 so he moved too, yet in Pleats 1 and only full season 86-87 we finished 3rd in the League. We also lost in the Semi Final of the League Cup to the shit up the road, and of course lost to Coventry City 3-2 in the F.A Cup final. Clive Allen played as a loan striker and scored that incredible tally 49 Goals in 1 season.
Then in the summer of 87 we started losing more big players, like Clemence and Hoddle – amongst others, yet the season started really well and come the start of October we’d won 6 of our opening 10 games and was sat nicely in 3rd spot just behind Liverpool and QPR, now many many people all over the UK will remember October 1987 for one reason “The Great Storm” the huge scary powerful winds that came, ripping up massive oak trees all over the country, there were deaths, and the levels of destruction it brought have thankfully never been seen since, however i also remember it for another storm, as it was also the month arsenal fans came to White Hart Lane unfolding a huge banner, a mocked up version of the front page headline from The Sun involving David Pleat cars women and red lights. The story suggested “our” manager had been cautioned 3 times by Police for Kerb crawling and due to the nature of the story and the embarrassment it brought Pleat left the Club.
Immediately things went from bad to worse, the team went into almost free fall. October saw us lose the 4 remaing games that month and November wasn’t any better, we hadn’t won a single game since Pleat left. Despite the hugely publicised and popular arrival of EL TEL from Barcelona at the end of November results still didn’t improve. Terry’s first game was against Liverpool at the Lane, a massive and excited crowd of over 47,000 people were there to see it yet we still lost 2-0, In fact We didn’t get our 1st win until 20th December away at Derby, a run of draws and defeats that started once Pleat left. Come the end of the season we had only picked up another 4 wins since Derby County and finished the season only 6 points above Chelsea who were relegated on 41 points.
You may be wondering why I’m telling you all this ? I’m building a picture, you see I had been very lucky during my early years supporting Spurs, as I’ve previously said in other pieces I’ve written (MEMORY White Hart Lane – 1980/81) from 1980-81 up to 87 I’d regularly seen us win F.A Cups, a UEFA Cup and also compete at the very top end of the league, I’d seen some fantastic players and some great Spurs teams but the period towards the end of the 80’s was just awful, Terry Venables was without doubt one of the best man managers this Club has ever had but he’d now lost most of Pleats side through either age or just moving on, and most of the replacements that came in without being disrespectful just wasn’t of the same class, there was of course the odd exception – Gazza, but the quality and quantity of those players we’d lost in such a short time gave us no chance. However it was the following season when it happened, although our results were an improvement in the league than the previous season our actual performances weren’t brilliant in fact pretty awful, and going to Port Vale in the F.A Cup in the middle of winter had potential disaster written all over it, and yep it was just that. We were a goal down after only 15 minutes then 2 down before half time, Neil Ruddock pulled 1 back on about 65 minutes but to be honest we played terrible, ok the pitch was a shocker just mounds of mud everywhere but the bottom line was we were just awful, at the final whistle when the Vale fans invaded the pitch I just stood there behind the goal with the 1000’s of other Spurs many of who were Boo-ing, loads of Spurs fans did.

we’d gone from playing in the Cup Final the season before and playing some amazing football to being knocked out of the cup by lower league Port Vale and losing league games to un-fancied sides at the time like Norwich Derby Forest QPR Southampton and Villa, and even more to the point was our blinding football we’d been playing less than 12 months before was gone and we were struggling almost every week. At the final whistle it all got the better of me and as the players left the pitch I saw Paul Allen looking right in my direction as I was Boo-ing, I liked Paul Allen, he always gave 100% he was a real trier, it wasn’t his fault yet he saw me Boo-ing and on the journey home as bad as we’d played in that game and in many of the games before it I felt terrible, I felt guilty, that little Paul Allen who “always” tried his hardest saw me Boo-ing him.

I’ve “never” Booed our players since, and never will!

No matter how bad fans think our recent performances have been let me tell you it’s been “nothing” like that of the late 80’s OR the mid 90’s for that matter, when we truely had sod all to smile about.

I will however, moan about them, shout and scream, question some of their ability even their commitment, i’ll question and moan about the board and at times do the same about the manager and tactics, i’ll even write about them but like i said i’ll “never ever” Boo them again, yeah i agree with a lot of fans we’re not playing great football at the moment and I agree with people who say AVB’s high line tactics could be causing us problems going forward ? I also agree some of AVB’s selections have at times confused me and i agree that something’s still missing even after the excellent signings we’ve made, I agree that we’re in danger of missing out on a top four finish (again) if we can’t sort out our poor performances on the pitch, but having said all of that I still can’t understand why so-called SPURS FANS insist on Boo-ing ? I just don’t get how it’s meant to help lift a player who’s lacking in confidence ? And when the manager then publicly says the attitude of the crowd isn’t helping surely as “fans” we have to start taking notice ?

and fingers crossed we “might” just have started to do that, during the League Cup game against Hull, the Europa game against Sheriff and then the League game against Newcastle the crowd really made an effort to get behind the team and the atmosphere was much much better in all 3 games, in fact you might even argue that our 2nd half performance on the pitch against Newcastle was one of our better ones, and who’s to say the players didn’t respond due to the improvement of the crowd ???

As a life long Spurs fan I’m absolutely adamant I’ve a right to question things but just because I might question the manager it “doesn’t” mean I want him sacked, just like it don’t mean I want Townsend subbed when he tries to take on one to many defenders instead of making the preferred pass, as fans we all have the right to moan when things aren’t going right but do just that “moan” don’t Boo, it offers the side nothing.

Now as I write this we’ve currently played 11 league games and sit 7th on 20 points, 5 points behind the idiots up the road, we all know about our lack of goals and can all say had we scored more we’d be right up there on top spot, and yeah there’s some element of truth in that, as having scored just 9 league goals we know it’s not good enough. Yet try to not be to concerned about that just yet because although the nomads have scored 22 goals and sit 1st City have scored a whopping 28 times 19 more than us but actually sit behind us in 8th, so as long as we can continue to stay stable at the back we’ve got half a chance. We’re still in the League Cup with a Qtr Final against West Ham and we’ve also just qualified for the knock out stages of the Europa League with games to spare.
I’m more concerned it’s our tactics stopping us scoring at the moment rather than the ability of the players. Our high line has helped us to push sides back but it’s equally then congested the areas we’d normally look to run into or slip a pass through. If we can just drop back 15 or 20 yards it would then give the likes of Eriksen Sigurdsson Lamela Townsend and Lennon the space they need in order to then find for Soldado to run into, that’s his game, he runs onto a pass and hits first time, he doesn’t like playing with his back to goal or having to trap a pass, its first time BANG! So if AVB can play a little deeper it’ll creat more space for our attacking players, and I’m sure not only will our performance improve but the goals will come thick and fast too, and once again our Season So Far – Could Again Be So NEAR!!


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“STICK or TWIST” – Feb 6th 2013



I’m about 3 paces into the hallway and he jumps out the shadows like Andy McNab on one of his missions, “WELL”
“Jesus Christ dad let me get in the bloody door first”

it’s funny, you know someone so well that you know it’s coming, yet it can still take you by surprise, that was double quick even for the old man.

“I told ya he wouldn’t spend any money didn’t I”

Oh god this is gonna be a long night!
I take my coat off, shake his hand and sit down, then he’s off again, “I told ya didn’t I, he’s an asshole”

“For gods sake man, calm down will ya, I’ve only just got here! My mum then pipes up “he’s been driving me mad – he hasn’t shut up about it all bloody day”

I take a sip of coke and a shrug my shoulders, waiting for another onslaught!
You see my Old boys a funny bloke, he seems to have lost all logic when it comes to Spurs.
We should beat every single team we play, Why ? Coz we should!
We never give away fouls or penalties, Why ? Coz we don’t!
Every other defence is better than ours, Why ? Coz ours don’t try!
Our managers are crap, Why ? Coz they haven’t got a clue!
We never spend any money on players, Why ? Coz Levy’s tight!
We spend too much money on players, Why ? Coz Everton don’t need to!

You getting the idea?…

I go round Mum and Dads once a week for dinner and every time it ends up with my losing my rag and it turns into an argument, I walk down the path and say to myself “Don’t do it – don’t bite” yet when he gets going no matter how hard I try he always sucks me in. I sit there listening to what can only be described as blind ignorance, yet this time I actually challenge him about his negativity, the fact it makes no sense as 1 minute we should be beating everyone the next we don’t even try ? I say to him “you just moan for the sake of it dad – at times you can be just blind ignorant”

There’s quite a pause, then to my surprise he replies with “You don’t get it do ya – it’s not blind bloody ignorance – it’s blind faith!!!

He then goes on to tell me why he screams at the Telly, why we should beat every team we play, how though it must hurt me that I’ve never seen us win a League tittle yet try going without one since 1960-61, and he then actually tells me why…

Il tel ya why shall I..
“Coz “We’re Tottenham Hotspur”

It wasn’t so much what he said, it was the way he said it
“Coz we’re ….. Tottenham Hotspur”

He then turns to the Telly and don’t say another word. Wow, I’ve never really heard him say anything like that before, it was only 4 words but said in such a way it was like all my own thoughts, feelings, love and hate summed up right there! and he’s right “We Are Tottenham Hotspur”
I felt like I should have said something back, ?? But I didn’t know what to say ?? So we just sat there watching Thinking Tackle..

After a few minutes the chat starts up again, this time a lot calmer though, it’s like we’ve suddenly turned into the sane adults we’re meant to be, we start talking about the Club as a whole, talking about players from the 60’s right through each decade up to now (wow we’ve had some proper star players in our time) we talk about the Glory nights, the way we should have a plan B against the likes of Stoke, QPR, sides that have no interest in winning just stopping us winning by blocking up the 18 yard box. He talks about how we’re the only side in the league who’ve made genuine progress, United haven’t as their always in the top 2, City haven’t progressed they just throw a quarter billion pounds at it, Chelsea are the original City who started the throwing, arsenal did make progress in the late 80’s and 90’s but have since gone backwards and appear happy to do so, the likes of Liverpool and Everton don’t seem to do either they just finish in the top 10 and then of course there’s us, we have made steady progress over the last 10 12 13 years, slowly building sides, losing top players, putting some cash in and recouping what we’ve spent, we are now a regular top 4 team.
Then all of a sudden he throws something in that gets the Mind ticking over,
He asks me “do you honestly think we tried to buy Moutinho in the summer? Do you think we was really gonna spend that sort of money? And then he says the same about Damaio? We have a discussion about it, then ask me what i think will happen if AVB finishes the season 5th and does so 2 or 3 years running, will he be sacked?? Because what he goes on to say, if given some thought can actually make some sense as goes on to points out..

Martin Jol got 2 5th place finishes. In his first full season and much for of it we sat in 4th only missing out on the Champions League because the entire team suffered from food poisoning on the last day of the season and went on to lose at West Ham. That season was our highest finish since 1990 and we conceded only 38 goals the lowest amount since 1971. The following season we beat Chelsea in the league for the first time since 1990 and also got to the Semi-final of the League cup, the qtr final of both the F.A Cup and UEFA Cup being beaten both times by the eventual winners. His final season started with 2 defeats, after the 2nd defeat the next day in the Sunday papers representatives of Spurs were photographed in a hotel with Ramos. Martin was then sacked the following month. We again heard Daniel Levy say “we’re moving in a different direction”

Jol in fact built a decent little squad, wasn’t perfect and had their faults but we all thought it was moving in the right direction. Ramos came in appeared to change everything, the players hated it and although he won the Carling Cup beating Man City and a “massive” win against arsenal in the semi-final we’d have to admit it was Jols side. 7-8 games into the new season sitting bottom of the league “the different direction” was moved on.

Harry came in and to be fair did a terrific job, right from the 1st game at home to Bolton, we agreed the place was buzzing, and so too was the team, as they moved off bottom going on to finish 8th, and only losing out in another Carling Cup final this time against Man U on penalties.
He then took us to a 4th in the league and that got us into the Champions League and as far as the Quarter final, then 5th and then another 4th place but this time missing out on Champions League due to Chelsea winning the bloody thing.
Then it was HR’s turn to hear the words “we’re going in a different direction” and he also got moved on!

Now we all know it wasn’t quite that clear-cut, these managers had their faults, Jol was some times naive and would have lost games he maybe shouldn’t have, but he was still learning. Harry had plenty of faults too, being too pally with the press just 1 of them, and the way he handled the England speculation being another. But what my Dad was pointing out was each time a manager appeared to be closing in on the 3 or 4 teams above us Mr Levy & Co called time? Both Jol and HR made huge steps with the teams they had, both managers also asked for that extra piece of quality that could have been the final piece in their jigsaw, however what they asked for and what they got couldn’t have been more different!

AVB has now come in, and after what seemed a slow start we are now again in that 4th spot, yet going back to Dads questions 1 being “if AVB finishes 5th will he be sacked?” You’d have to say Looking at what’s happened before it’s gotta be more than possible, and the other question being “do you honestly think we was gonna spend that sort of money?” I’ve gotta say, to the pair of us it looks more and more unlikely because there seems to be a pattern emerging, every time we get close the boss then asks for that special player to take us to the next level, but rather than spend that money and give him what he asks for he instead hears those words “Good-bye old chap – we’re going in a different direction” ?

Now, all this could mean 1 of 3 things

1 – The board are implying the manager has reached “his” coaching limits?

2 – The board are implying the team has taken the manager as far as “they” can?

3 – The board are just “scared” to fund that extra special player required, and it’s then a cheaper option is to try again with a new man?

I can’t help but now think having listened to what my old pop has said he might actually be right for once..

As great as Levy and Co have been at making our club stable, as great as our finances now are, as great as the new training centre is and as great as we hope the new stadium will be these are all things they “can” control, yet the reason we’re here i.e. the Team that’s the only factor they can’t, so when it comes to making that final extra special purchase maybe their just to scared to do it, so out comes the inevitable “were going in a different direction” line.

No doubt in anyones mind this board and the owners have done a fantastic job since taking over, we are again 1 of the biggest football clubs not only in England but Europe too, however as good as they’ve been and as controversial as this might sound is it time to “Stick or twist”

Maybe it’s not the managers who’ve taken us as far as they can
Maybe it’s the owners who’ve taken the manager as far as “they” can

There’s so much sense in what my old boy’s said, but as the saying goes “The grass isn’t always greener”

So, what would you do ? “Stick or twist – shit or bust” ??


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“Levy Time???” – Feb 1st 2013



“Levy Time???”  
 It’s the morning after the night before and yet again I’m left questioning what we’ve done? Or is it what we haven’t done? Like most Spurs fans I’m left scratching my head just as I was this same time last year.
I really don’t want to charge into Daniel and the boardroom and have a pop at them because we all know that to be fair they have done a terrific job in keeping this club stable financially, especially when you look at so many other clubs debts and the turmoil they’ve been through. Yet it’s now getting to a point that I’m starting to question them, and more so each window.
Every transfer deadline day a section of Spurs fans AND some media get sucked into this so-called “Levy Time” hype, and to be honest I even posted some joke snaps on my Twitter yesterday but it was just for fun, because to tell the truth for me “Levy time” doesn’t exist, never has.
Every transfer windows the same, there’s always an area that needs improvement but an area that would make the difference of trying to compete for a Champions League spot and getting that Champions League spot. Last January the team had been flying and there was even a small chance we was fighting for the title; however we all knew we needed 1 more top player to go up front and bang in those extra goals, Tevez got a mention and so did the usual suspects, yet we ended up with Louis Saha, not what we had in mind? Now not blaming Saha but we fell away dramatically, arsenal passed us and Chelsea won the Cup, Europa League came calling. In the summer we all knew we needed a midfielder after losing Modric and VDV and although we like Dembele he isn’t that little maestro type that can unlock a defence as he plays a different role to that, we all knew we still needed that striker too.
We did get in Adey and for a minimal sum considering, however we’ve now learnt we can’t rely on him turning up for every game (such a shame as he has what it takes)  we got in Demspey at 10.30pm because Fulham didn’t want to sell to Liverpool and because we’d missed the boat on everyone else, yet Dempsey isn’t an out and out striker either.
I’ve not even spoken about the Moutinho saga at this stage, what’s the point? We all know what happened there, as I’ve said before that was “never” gonna happen, no matter what we read, simply because of this…. If Mr Levy was serious about spending more money than he’s ever spent before there is “no way” he was gonna leave it till the last minute and treat it like a trolley dash round primark! No way!
Now back to yesterday, all the Spurs talk was about moving people on, true dead wood needs to go, but I just can’t understand Mr Levy’s thinking, he would rather pay the likes of Bentley Gomes Etc. their huge salary each week knowing full well they’ll not be played, rather than just except a small fee and move them on? Ok he hates the thought of losing all that money we invested in them but the truth is those boys are NOT going to play, not at all, but are costing us more and more money as the weeks go by, move them on and save on the wages? Yet here I am scratching my head again wondering why he’d still be paying out this wasted money rather than get in a top goal scorer when it’s obvious to everyone in the game that’s what we need, the Damiao saga, is he?  Isn’t he? Went on right up to the wire, of course the club can’t be blamed for what the media may be reporting as there’s a chance it may of course be incorrect, however it doesn’t take away from the fact the again as we sit in 4th spot the goals have dried up Defoe may be carrying in groin injury Adey’s away in Africa and we are still without a top  striker to help with the final push?
If we miss out on Champions League for a 3rd season running after being in a decent place mid-January I for one will be very angry, and will then being asking the question “is this board serious about challenging for the top trophies” because our reluctance in signing the best players tells me possibly not, by getting into the champions league secures a big pay day, but to get there in the first place means strengthening the team “not” just replacing who may of left, we needed to add 3 years ago and we still need to add now.
If come the end of the season we’re going into the Champions League draw then I’ll have to admit I could have been wrong to question, however if we have to sit here today with our fingers crossed that we stay injury free, fatigue free, don’t collapse like last year and arsenal don’t go on a decent run then I’ve got to say I’m not feeling too positive and come that last day of the season I will then be looking in the direction of the boardroom for an explanation!
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Not so “Magic” of the F.A. Cup – Jan 28th 2013


24 Hours

What a difference a day makes, that’s right a day, 24 hours! Not 7 days, like last Sunday when we gave United the runaround, had Fergie praying his side could hold out, and once we’d deservedly equalised even he wasn’t sure if he wanted some of his own famous “Fergie time” added on. I suspect in the end he was just pleased with his point, after all on another day had we worn our finishing boots his side would have been picking the ball out the net 3 4 or even 5 times. That’s how good we was last week, we had the lot, we had pace, power, flare, commitment and belief, all of which we had none this weekend up at “Dirty Leeds”, it’s funny how a name sticks “Dirty Leeds” I remember them being labelled that years ago. Mind you the tackle on Parker near the end by Brown was that crap it’s like he was trying his best to ensure that tag never leaves.
Brown? How he ever became a Spurs player is a joke in it’s self.. Very poor footballer! He’s certainly found his level up there!

Anyway how 2 performances can be so different god only knows. Is it a case of the modern day footballer just don’t fancy our domestic Cups? Nah I doubt it’s that, could it then be that the lower League sides can raise their own performances to such a high that for those 94 minutes are competing at a level of premiership standard?
Just think about it, for the entire week in the build up to the coming fixture against the “big” boys it will be all they’re thinking off, whilst driving the car, taking the dog out, soaking in the bath, even laying in bed, it’s there with them all the time. The towns people will also be excited and having the same thoughts and dreams. So when the likes of the Mighty Tottenham Hotspur arrive everyone and I do mean “everyone” knows their job for that 1 match.
The fans will cheer louder, their songs more frequent, and their numbers bigger. The players some how become supermen, can run a yard faster, run on for longer, they can jump a foot higher and some how become tactically more aware, almost telepathic.

All this happens because the nature of the game, the competition they’re playing a part in, whether the League Cup or the F.A. Cup these players find a performance that most of them will never be able to recreate, people say there’s the “magic” of the F.A.Cup and maybe this is it? Because what ever it is, almost every year a big club will be up against it and if the Premier League side isn’t absolutely 100% on their A game then they’ll be on the end of the famous “giant killing”

In most cases these games tend to go the way of the bigger club, but like I said if they don’t turn up 100% believing they’ve got a game on their hands they “will” lose, yet on the other hand if turn up knowing this is gonna be hard “so I’m gonna go for this from the kick off” then the likely outcome is the Premier side will win comfortably.
So the real question I suppose is this, are the bigger sides really that arrogant to think it’s gonna be a walk in the park? or is it because unlike the smaller clubs these players can’t raise their game any higher because they’re already at their highest possible level? in these one off games ability alone isn’t enough, they will have to play a better game, a “tactically” better game!

As hard as it is to swallow and don’t get me wrong I’m not playing our defeat down, because I really want us to win a Cup, after all footballs about winning medals, trophies, going to Wembley and the memories that you’ll have for the rest of your life, but giant killing isn’t some thing new. It happens, like it or not it will always happen, you just hope it happens to the likes of arsenal, Chelsea, United and not ourselves.
The thing we all hate so much though is in the manner you get knocked out. It’s like you go out on a whimper, with out a fight, and that just gives you the right hump. Then again if you played we’ll and still went out then that’s an even bigger problem, play well and lose and that’s a real reason for concern!

The only saving grace is this seasons Cup competitions have caught out a lot of sides, arsenal in the League Cup, Liverpool, Norwich, Us and to an extent even the European Champions League winners (C’mon Brentford) and the fact that it will probably happen to someone next year and the year after that almost makes it acceptable.
Well no not acceptable but you know what I mean.

I do sit a wonder what I’m missing though, what don’t I understand? Because ex players and the media will tell us “you have to rotate – coz it’s a long hard season with lots of games” yeah ok that part I get, but what I don’t get is this.. Why have top players sat on the bench only to bring them on when it’s going tits up, yet in turn these players then have to work “twice” as hard, run “twice” as much, get in more tackles and fire in more shots just to try and get you back in the game, but all the while putting themselves in danger of getting injured because of the extra work rate, Surely it’s got to be better to “start” these players, get a goal quick possibly even 2 “then” bring them off nice and early when your in control of the game? Yet all the managers seem to do it hence the question “what” am I missing?

At the beginning I said “what a difference” a day makes, and yep it does, because what happened 24 hours prior to our game ensured we would “not” win at Dirty Leeds, it wasn’t because we’d field a weaker side, it wasn’t because Defoe was out injured and we’re too light in the striker department, it wasn’t because of the already mentioned “Magic” of the F.A. Cup and the super human feats it can bring, it was however down to that little weasel FeeO, because the moment that ball left his foot and landed in the back of the Brighton net on 85 minutes that was us out!
The way the arsenal defence crumbles these days we all thought it would be them no good nomads going out the Cup, and that we’d all be able to laugh at them again, the fact that it wasn’t them this time meant only 1 thing…

So then, on to bigger and better things..

4 days until the transfer window ends and I’m hearing Lewis has now actually signed.

God I hope this boy can play up front!


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GOOD? BAD? BUT NEVER UGLY.. Dec 31st 2012



I wrote a few days ago and before i was planing too as I wanted to wait until we’d completed our fixtures for December, but I got dragged in early by the talk about Wesley S.

Yet to date I’m hearing all sorts, he’s staying? hes’s going? he’s coming? he isn’t? so as ever i guess well just wait and see what happens.

Any way it’s New Years Eve and like most fans I’m probably more interested in what the 1st of January could bring in the way of incoming transfers than how much beer I’m gonna be drinking tonight, coz let’s face it January can be a make or break month for how the season could finish up.

I’m gonna rewind a bit, at the start of December I said 13 / 14 points would be a decent points tally for the month, and although we only dropped points away at Everton (unlucky TBH – They always seem to play their best against us?) and then the draw with Stoke the Joke I’ve got to say im pretty happy with how it went, and with Reading at the Lane tomorrow and dare i say it, it should be 3 points in the bag to get 2013 off and running too, and fingers crossed, well just fingers crossed!

Any way as of the 31st Decemeber 2012 we currently sit 4th, is that what we expected? should we be 3rd ? could we even be lower than 4th in say 5th 6th or 7th? because TBH I’m not sure, I’m thinking we’re doing pretty well, we’ve beaten United away, we’ve played some decent stuff, yep we’ve played some not so decent stuff too, but never the less we are 4th, we’re 1 place lower than the same time last season, we’ve 3 points less than last season but played 2 games more, we’ve won 11 Vs 12, Lost 6 Vs 3 and drawn 3 each time, we’ve scored 36 Vs 35 and let in 26 Vs 20 so all in all is it fair to say at this stage it’s pretty even with last season? now a few points need to be made though, last year we had a steady squad, we had a manager in place for a few seasons and we went on a storming run picking up point after point, we had Rat boy (Luka) VDV and The King in the side, all 3 WORLD class players but now we’ve lost them, granted we’ve brought in £57Mills worth of players but we’ve lost £62.8Mills worth “and” the incredible sir Ledley, so taking all the on board are we happy with were we are?

I’m still thinking yes, look at what’s to come, Dembele is showing his class and will only get better, the Beast IS now becoming a cult hero with his no non sense attitude, Vertonghen hasn’t even been playing in his favoured position of centre back yet as he’s been covering for left back, yet we can already see his qualities, we’ve just got Parker back and for me the BIGGEST plus will be when Kaboul comes back, him and Vertonghen together in the defence is gonna be very special, like Miller and Perryman or Gough and Fairclough just beautiful and I can’t wait.

My only real concern at the moment is both the Kyle’s, I’m unsure about Naughton? although it’s his first real season for us he isn’t a kid anymore and shouldn’t be making some of the errors he has (but in fairness that could just be nerves ?) then Walker, last year along with Parker his name was 1st on the team sheet but this time round he’s lost confidence for some reason? he’s fantastic going forward but doesn’t seem like he’s concentrating when defending? i hope he’s just having a blip, but again the old fingers crossed he’ll be ok.
Danny Rose not his biggest fan but sounds like he’s on a stormer up at Sunderland, so that might be an option too if either Kyle don’t improve?

BUT C’mon… what we all wanna know is “are” we gonna bring in another striker to help JD? Adey seems to have done it again, his usual thing of going quiet when he’s got his deal? he was so good for us last term but this time albeit he has been injured, I’m not seeing the same amount of effort from him? surely he can’t be so fickle to perform just to get a deal? Id like to think he really enjoyed last season and will want to repeat that, maybe he’s just not clicking yet? Dempsey finally seems to be coming to terms with being at a huge club he doesn’t look so lost in his last few games so again maybe he’s settling in now.

I reckon we’d all agree we do need to get another top striker in though, I’m hearing on the various sites some Spurs fans saying we need to find some money first though in order to do it, and their concerned Bale will go at some point to help generate that cash, I’m not having that though, what ever happens Bale “must not” be sold, unless he asks to go. If we’re to improve on last years 4th spot and let’s be honest that’s what Levy wants or he wouldn’t have fired HR in the first place then as well as Bale stays improvements must be brought in. What some fans either don’t realise or don’t know is yes we spent £57Million in the summer but as I’ve said we also brought in £62.8million, we’ve actually made a profit this year of £5.8Million, in fact over the last 5 seasons although we’ve spent a whopping £202Million We’ve got back £199Million, we’ve a net spend of only £2.5million! I bet there’s not many top-level clubs can say that!

So the concern over cash isn’t justified, yeah Ok we’ve got the NEW training complex and it cost a few quid but that would had been factored in already, there’s the NEW Stadium to finance but the same thing, the money required to buy up the surrounding land and start all the works that too would have been factored in, also the huge cost of it will be financed through other means such as sponsorships naming rights and some cash from Boris NOT at the expense of the 1st team.

As of tomorrow morning the 1st of Jan 2013 I wanna be hearing we’re looking to improve the squad, to bring in maybe 1 or 2 top players, possibly Wesley S or Moutinho because we do need that creative side back in our game, but a striker “must” also top that list too.


Spend some cash now on creativity and a new striker and with out sounding arrogant, that cash will be taken care of with the money from Champions League qualification, but should we not make it to the Holy grail of the CL and Gareth decides he wants to go in the summer who knows what he’d sell for? 50 60 even 70 million? at least our spending would be covered, and we’d also have a better chance of coping without him as we’d already have a top top side in place.

Either way it’s a WIN WIN…

let’s get stuck into 2013, both on and off the field, get these extra top players in, and 1 final time today ill… “say keep them fingers crossed”


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Emroids and Wesley Sniedjer – Dec 26th 2012



Just a quick one today as was planning to write after the Sunderland game but thought I’d get some words out whilst soaking in the bath.

So in the words of John Lennon another year over, we’ll almost, 2 more games left before the New year. In typical Tottenham style there seems to be lots going on, and though we’ve committed Hari Kari had a disaster of a month fallen down the table and found ourselves in the relegation zone (or this is how the press would rather it be) it’s nothing near doom and gloom, YEP course we’re disappointed that rather beat Stoke and go third, we draw and now sit 6th, behind both arsenal and the pikeys of chelsea, yet as of this moment only 2 off the pikeys and level with the rest, this is why I’m writing today, a couple of weeks back I said let’s leave arsenal to them selves and although we all agree their shit and that’s not The comment a 10 year old Spurs fan talking in a playground, there IS actually substance to that, this is their worst start for some thing like 50 years or more, their flowing game has long gone and the quality of player is almost non-existent, in fact they’ve only 2 good players, 1 in the angriest boy on the planet Whilshere and the other is Santa Claus, the rest ain’t worth a rub but as bad as they can be they some how still pick up results? so I made a suggestion that rather than shout it from the roof tops we should let them run their own course but more importantly let us go quietly about ours. lets keep calm and throughout December pick up 12 / 14 points and that will do us a treat going into January. We’ve already got 3 points off 1 Effing Fulham and 3 off Swansea, ok we lost out at Everton and Stoke came and nicked a point when we wanted all 3. If we can get 3 later today at Villa then the same again off the Makems that’ll be 13 points and not bad tally at all..

As I previously wrote, staying quiet could be such a benefit for us as it allows us to go about our business without too many taking notice.

However We’re doing it again, in the last transfer window people made up mock pictures of Hulk in Spurs shirts, mouthing off about Moutinho, arsenal an CFC, now History’s repeating it’s self. Fans mouthing off over arsenal again and more mock picks this time of Wesley Sniedjer in Spurs shirts? Ok it’s currently in the media that he’s up for grabs and yeah we’ll talk about it and yep course I have too, but why can’t we wait till it happens before we bang them drums? All we end up doing is setting ourselves up for a fall and being on the end of the obvious crap that’ll come from that mob up the road.

So whilst we all hope we do get 1 off the world greats onto our books let’s all stay calm until it happens. On the other hand though if we do get WS is that the end of Mouthino? because if push came to shove I’m not sure who I’d pick first? both have loads to offer, but does Moutinho make a better pass option than Wes? because if so isn’t it that we need more than anything at the moment? A player that can get it all clicking together and finding those gaps? However Wesley also has a decent pass but can get stuck in too? So I don’t know who I’d prefer or who’d be better for the team? but what I do know is we could really do with 1 of them as I’m sure that’s almost the final piece of the jigsaw!

So I’ll say it again, lets keep quiet whilst the mugs falter, lets keep our fingers crossed that 1 of these super stars turn up at the Lane and lets keep believing we can push on, Scotty P and Micky D are now fit again and BAE will be soon enough, big Younes isn’t too far behind now either.

Things might well be coming together nicely.

Oh yeah i nearly forget

You might be wondering what the Emroids has to do with the heading? We’ll it’s nothing about them shits down the road, it’s that fact that I’m laying in the bath as i write this coz it seems to be helping no end with the huge pain I’m suffering because of these poxy piles I’ve had since yesterday, it really hurts too, far too much spicy food lately I suppose!

Just thought I’d share that.

3 points tonight, then 3 more up at Sunderland and that’ll be lovely jubbly!


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Football Agents “Terminate em” Dec 21st 2012



I don’t usually get too involved in the other chit-chat that surrounds football but what ive been hearing today has got me boiling..

Most people have their opinions on football agents and I’m no different, for years I’ve wondered why these people even exist in our game, for me they’ve brought nothing but trouble, greed and an amazing lack of loyalty.

Take Raheem Sterling for instance, this is no attack on the lad, I’ve never met him and never will so I can’t comment on him as a person, But what’s come about today involving him is not only a joke but an absolute disgrace and shows exactly what both the football agent and most modern-day players are about.

Now you could say Raheem being still a kid doesn’t know any different, so you would hope he’s being advised by his parents, but we ALL know that some where in his shadow is a football agent chewing on his ear, the ear of his Mum, Dad and anyone who’ll listen, he’ll be shaking with excitement when pushing the kid through the door of the Liverpool board room whilst telling him to “DEMAND” a pay increase or tell them your OFF..


Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t anything new, unfortunately most players in the game over the last 20 or 30 years would have been in a similar position but the fact this kid only turned 18 in December and was already on a reported £2,000 a week BEFORE he’d even played a first team game for the club, only made his debut in March, and just 9 months and only 19 appearances later he’s talking about a possible transfer if he isn’t given a NEW DEAL? I’ve read that Liverpool seriously considered selling him as they refused to be held to ransom? But of course they have to back down as they want the player, and being reported as of this morning Raheem has now found himself with a whopping pay rise of 28 grand a week.

To be honest he may well be worth £30k a week, a minimum £120,000 a month BUT what I’m really pissed of at is this….

He’s reported to have signed a 5 year deal at 30 grand a week, so if he turns into a super star in a season or 2 and playing a big role in the Liverpool side, becomes a regular for England Ect Ect is he still gonna be happy on his 30k a week whilst the rest of the Liverpool squad earn up to what ? say £100,000 a week? or will he and his agent demand ANOTHER pay rise whilst the deal he was happy to sign today still has another 2 or 3 years to go.

Because we’ve seen this a thousand times, Most recently at Spurs we had the same thing with Modric.

They sign these deals when they arrive but coz they then start getting rave reviews they then say “these deals aren’t good enough so cough up or im off”

I can’t help think this is all down to agents, they break clubs apart with their demands, they can ruin a teams progress and future success by making players demand a pay rise and say to the club “give me or else” yet the player might be perfectly happy.

The agent will tell us “he’s looking out for his client” yet we all know that’s crap, it’s only ever been about money, the money that finds it’s way into the agents pocket!

For example

Would Andy Carroll have left his boyhood club to play for a team he cares nothing about if it wasn’t for his agent telling him how much he could earn?

Would Modric have signed a 5 year deal if he didn’t believe he’d stay 5 years, would he have agreed to a salary if he wasn’t happy with it? UNLESS of course his agent had told him to sign “this great 5 year deal, but give a little while and if your playing better we’ll demand a pay rise and say we’ll be off if we don’t get it” Look Luka it’s a win-win situation for us…

And would a 18 year old kid be telling one of the most famous clubs in “World” football he wanted to leave that famous club of “World” football unless he got a pay rise?

Because every single time I’d have to say NO!!!

SURELY the times come for the football clubs to take charge of their OWN players?

How much better would it be for the CLUB to find these kids, sign them up so they can then develop them without any pressure from agents, agree a salary with them and then if they workout great fantastic, and whilst the player is at the club the sporting director deals DIRECT with the player at ALL times regarding contracts that’s suitable for both parties throughout his time there, on the other hand if they don’t workout or a senior player is looking for a transfer then the club would have a duty of care to try their very best to find a replacement club for him, paying him his wages until a new club had been found.

Surely the clubs Sporting director should deal solely with another clubs director regarding all aspects of transfers and negotiations, and the salary NOT agents, and surely if Spurs wanted a Liverpool player our director talks to their director and if their director says no that should be the end of it, but if their director says there’s a possibility of a deal then negotiations can start between the clubs and once the fee is agreed the player is then notified, but only at that point and NOT before, this way there isn’t an agent screwing with the players heads all the time, taping people up and forcing unrealistic wage demands after just 19 games.

I know I’m wasting my breath because this is just too simple to bring in, it’s so easy to implement, can you imagine how much cash clubs would save in fees alone?

This is an example how it could be done

Current players with agents stay with the agent until the contract ends as no doubt it would be illegal to get the player to dump his agent mid-term, once the agent is gone a contract can be negotiated and renewed or a transfer takes place, it’s now the CLUB or the new club that owns the contract and not the agent.

As for the youngsters that’s even easier, when a club finds a new kid NO new find can get an agent or clubs will NOT sign them. The kid is now registered to that club until he either makes it or the club find him a new club.

It’s so simple,
and it’s for the good of the game as it would promote a more realistic understanding of an appropriate salary, it’s good for of the club as it would promote player loyalty, and it’s for the good of the player because he’s guaranteed a better and less pressured apprenticeship while learning his trade, but also better for his long-term career as he feels more settled without having agents trying to turn his head for every extra penny on offer even though it could be to the detriment of the players happiness and career!

So then my question is this


And categorically without hesitation I 100% say….. YES!


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